More Clothes

Okay, more pictures of me wearing clothes. I’d probably get more followers if I posted pictures of me not wearing clothes…but then again, maybe not. Like I said previously, I got a bit carried away on ordering various clothing boxes. I’m only getting Stitch Fix every three months, so you’ll have to wait on a post for that one. But! I’ve got TWO Amazon Prime Wardrobe orders to show off. My first one is the Personal Shopper selection that was


Hello again! I’ve been gone for a HOT minute. I have so many things to post about, y’all. But I’m just gonna talk about clothes today. Because somehow I got all kinds of into ordering clothes last month. It started with an order through Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Then I got a free styling from Stitch Fix. Then I decided to try out the Personal Stylist from Amazon Wardrobe. And suddenly I had a million clothing items at my house and

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Visit the Bite website. So I ordered The Duo from Bite several weeks ago, after I saw a video on Facebook. Apparently EVERYONE saw that video, though, because they suddenly had more demand than supply and it took ages to get my toothpaste bits. But! I finally got them this week. I have now tried them multiple times and feel I can give a preliminary review. The real test will be my dentist appointment in 6mo…if my mouth is riddled