Everything is terrible, isn’t it? Just fucking terrible. Global pandemic – terrible. The way the US is responding – terrible. The way my local elected officials are responding – terrible. The way the people in my community are reacting – terrible. The way my ding-dang own family is reacting – terrible. This 4+ month quarantine – sooo fucking terrible. My child – terrible (but loved) (but terrible). Any level of human interaction I’ve had in the past idk – terrible.

Case of the Mondays?

Today feels awful Monday-y considering it’s Tuesday. I donated blood yesterday, then stayed up way too late. AND ran into the two people I least want to see right now. I didn’t have to interact with them…but just seeing them is enough to ruin your whole day. Anyway, other stuff happened, too. Good stuff. So don’t let the bad get you down, yo. I really need to track down my old 30 Before 30 list and repost it. I’m midway