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Okay, okay, okay. SORRY. Another clothing post. But! This time there are no pictures of me! So it’s new and exciting!

sarah and matthew

Okay, one picture of me. But I was excited!! I mentioned last time (way down there at the bottom) that I had considered signing Matthew up for Amazon Prime Shopper blah blah blah, but they don’t have it set up for men yet, apparently. -_- My friend got hit with a FB ad (probably because we were discussing it in FB chat and THEY’RE ALWAYS WATCHING) for some men’s clothing subscription “for every budget!” so I started to sign him up for that. Y’all. No. That shit was so expensive. I was like “MY STITCH FIX CLOTHES ARE CHEAPER THAN THIS!” and then the figurative light bulb above my head went *ding!* And I had him signed up within the hour.

matthew and sarah

Okay, TWO pictures of me. BUT DO YOU SEE THE EXCITEMENT?? Matthew is pretty excited, too. You can tell by the way he’s smiling his placating smile. “The only reason I’m doing this is because I love you, but don’t push your luck, ma’am.” He’s a saint, and also not nearly as put-out by all of this as he pretends to be. I am confident he would be content to wear Walmart/Goodwill clothes for the rest of his life. Which, I would be fine with that, too. I love him for his butt, not his fashion sense. Wait, no. What? Anyway. He’s 100% doing this to amuse me, and I am 100% amused, so we all win!

My Note

Looking for summer basics that can be worn to work and on weekends. Work dress code is Casual. He’s hot-natured, so he doesn’t do much layering. Definitely no tight or tapered pants. He doesn’t need khakis for sure. I personally would like to see something like colored denim pants or a fun print on top, but he’s a very basic dude – khakis and polos all day, every day.

The Clothes

  • Flag & Anthem – Straight Fit Bristol End on End Trouser Pant
  • Red Ale by Alesbury – Springs Burnished Leather Belt
  • Flag & Anthem – Oswego One Pocket Polo
trousers, belt, and polo

This, ladies and gents, is literally every pose Matthew has in his modeling arsenal. He pulled out all the stops for you – revel in it.

Even though Matthew insists he doesn’t like tight pants, what he usually wears aren’t all that baggy. These were the same length – maybe just a titch longer – than the pants in his closet, but the legs were a lot more roomy, so they bunched more around the ankles. I rolled one side, and even though I personally liked it, it wasn’t his jam. RETURNED.

pants texture

I really liked the texture of the pants, though. They weren’t your standard gray slacks. I really wish they’d been maybe an inch shorter or just a smidge more snug. Maybe next time!

The polo was fine, but it was just a polo. And it was a $30+ polo, so he decided to pass on it. There was nothing wrong with it, and the color was nice, but meh. RETURNED.

The belt…we had a CONVERSATION about the belt. I thought it was pretty pricey ($28), but I don’t know anything about belts. He tried to insist that his current belt was FINE. But when we pulled it out… I was like “Okay. Well. You don’t need THIS belt, but you’re getting a belt!” He has yet to understand why he needed a new belt (Lord, help me with this man.) but it ended with him saying “Okay, fine. I’ll get the belt. No, we don’t need to look for a cheaper belt. This one’s here – we’ve seen it, we like it, I’m keeping it. But if I get it, you aren’t ever bringing up belts with me again.”

hanging belts


So, yeah, anyway. Check back in after, oh…five years or so?…and there will be a belt post. Because I’m confident I’ll have to be the one to force a new belt on him.

  • Flag & Anthem – Peoria Heather Plaid Shirt
pink plaid shirt

I got a lot of thoughtful poses out of this one, because I told him that he would need to either wear contacts or finally find his own glasses to wear with this shirt, because the red ones super clash with it. (Yeah, we have almost identical prescriptions, so he stole an old pair of my glasses and wears them all the time.) He had to speculate on when exactly he last purchased glasses… Good times. We both really liked this top. It has a rougher texture to it, which he really likes. I appreciate the…visual texture?…as well.

pink plaid texture

To be fair, we have both set the bar pretty low as far as clothing quality is concerned, but even with these slight price increases, you can really tell a difference in the quality of the clothing. I do think that it plateaus at some point and then clothes just get expensive for no legit reason, but since we’re both stepping up from Walmart and (cheap) second-hand stuff…there’s a difference. It’s fun! The real question is when we’ll ever actually wear any of this, because this is for real the first time the man’s put on real pants in a solid two months.

  • Alesbury – Samson Short Sleeve Twill Workshirt
burgundy plaid shirt

Yes, he got two plaid shirts. Which is fine – that’s what he wears basically all the time, anyway. And again, this one was higher quality than what he usually wears. It was more expensive than either of us really liked, but still significantly cheaper than anything I ever get from these dang boxes, so he kept it.

Matthew’s Thoughts:
Basically none. lol! He’s only doing this to humor me. Clothes are clothes, and these are them and they are fine. He really couldn’t be less enthused about it. But! All his grumbling is totally just for show. If he genuinely hated the experience, I wouldn’t even attempt it. So the understanding is he’s gonna do it for me, but he’s gonna complain while he does it. I’m totally fine with it, because the joy I get out of making him try on clothes AND THEN ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW HE FEELS ABOUT THEM is just…worth every second.

My Thoughts:
I was a little disappointed. Honestly, though, men’s clothing in general is just boring. But the flip side of that is that it’s also generally higher quality and cheaper. Matthew could have bought THIS ENTIRE BOX for the same price that I paid for the pair of pants and top in my last one. (Granted, there is a 25% discount if you keep the entire box.) I’m going to try to be more assertive in my requests to nudge him out of his comfort zone a bit, but based on what I’ve seen in their “Style Shuffle” I don’t think things are gonna get too wild.


God, I love this man.

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