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So I ordered The Duo from Bite several weeks ago, after I saw a video on Facebook. Apparently EVERYONE saw that video, though, because they suddenly had more demand than supply and it took ages to get my toothpaste bits. But! I finally got them this week. I have now tried them multiple times and feel I can give a preliminary review. The real test will be my dentist appointment in 6mo…if my mouth is riddled with cavities then we’ll know this was a disaster and I should never have switched. Oops!

holding Bite containers
The bottles are so cute!

So, anyway. With The Duo you get one bottle of Mint and one bottle of Mint Charcoal. I have now tried them both twice with water and without (I don’t usually use water when I’m brushing my teeth). Initial thoughts:

  • The standard Mint doesn’t dissolve as well as the Mint Charcoal. Both with and without water, no matter how many times I chew up the tablet, I’ve had bits of it left behind that I have to spit out.
  • The Mint Charcoal, however, doesn’t have as thick of a foam as the Mint. Even without water it was so runny I felt like I was drooling everywhere. (spoiler alert: I actually was)
  • I also prefer the taste of the Mint over the Mint Charcoal. There isn’t a huge difference…but the Mint tastes a bit more…minty…in my opinion. Maybe it’s psychological. The gray foam also weirds me out a bit.
drooling toothpaste
Rabid Dog or Mint Charcoal Drool?

I have pretty terrible teeth. It’s mostly genetics, and a laziness when it comes to flossing. I’ve been working on improving that, though! I keep floss picks in my car and try to floss at least every couple days while I’m driving to/from work. I really feel like I need fluoride, though. The creators of Bite are anti-chemicals, so they don’t include any fluoride. My solution? I bought some store-brand fluoride mouthwash.

Alllll that to say, overall I like the experience. Between the brushing and the mouthwashing my teeth feel super clean after. The texture isn’t great, and I wish it was a bit more foamy. It’s definitely more expensive than just buying Crest or something at Walmart, but I appreciate the cutting down on waste and getting back to a more simple ingredient list.

Currently the six-month subscription for either flavor is only $40-something…if it’s still that “cheap” after my next paycheck I’ll probably subscribe. So, yeah…unless my teeth start falling out or my next cleaning reveals I’ve made a huge mistake, I’m going to give these bad boys high marks. Try them out, if you can!

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