Surprise Guest!

Okay, okay, okay. SORRY. Another clothing post. But! This time there are no pictures of me! So it’s new and exciting! Okay, one picture of me. But I was excited!! I mentioned last time (way down there at the bottom) that I had considered signing Matthew up for Amazon Prime Shopper blah blah blah, but they don’t have it set up for men yet, apparently. -_- My friend got hit with a FB ad (probably because we were discussing it

Amazon Personal Shopper, 04/2020

My Note Since I’m quarantined at home and summer is coming, I’d like comfortable, casual clothing. Shorts, pants, shirts, sandals, hoodies, etc. Things that are cute enough to be able to wear out in public once I can go out again, but comfortable enough to be able to wear around the house and on walks through the neighborhood with my son. The Clothes I actually really liked basically everything the stylist had picked for this box, so it was kind

Mug Rack

I’m actually really proud of this project. Considering I was almost entirely moral support, that’s pretty bold of me to say. lol! It took about 2.5 weeks to complete because we actually used STAIN which makes a great finished product, but holy buckets drags the experience out by a LOT. Too much time has passed and I’m too tired in this moment to go into all of the nitty gritty details of the struggle bus that was this project…just know

One More to Catch Up

I was actually going to make a different kind of post, but if I do this now I’ll be all caught up on clothes posts AND the box I got this week is just so hilarious to me that I desperately want to share the pictures. I’ll make a post about a home project or how I feel like I’m slowly going crazy as the world crumbles around me at some point after this one. Amazon Personal Shopper, 03/2020 Lucky

Out of Hand

I haven’t blogged about anything other than clothes in awhile. Oh, and the tragic ending to my marriage. Sorry about all that. Now that the world’s gone to shit with the ‘rona I’m having a hard time finding things to write about. (un)fortuantely, I had already signed up for so many clothing boxes…so they’re still rolling in. I’ve got two for this post, and two more after that, and I just got an alert from Amazon that my April box

More Clothes

Okay, more pictures of me wearing clothes. I’d probably get more followers if I posted pictures of me not wearing clothes…but then again, maybe not. Like I said previously, I got a bit carried away on ordering various clothing boxes. I’m only getting Stitch Fix every three months, so you’ll have to wait on a post for that one. But! I’ve got TWO Amazon Prime Wardrobe orders to show off. My first one is the Personal Shopper selection that was


Goodness. That was a LOT to unpack. I really dredged up a lot of emotions and feelings this week as I worked through everything. It feels good, though. Cleansing. The point, though, was to reflect on how alllllll of that might be influencing my thoughts on having babies. (Not that I’m about to have a baby or anything. Slow ya roll.) I feel like I’m done, but I also feel like maybe I feel like that because when I think

The Fallout

Dear God, please let this be the last post… lol! In my first post, I glossed over our relationship leading up to the summer that everything fell apart. I definitely didn’t go into very much detail because I had to cover like 9 years in a single post. As far as I was concerned, they were really, really good years. He was my best friend. I seriously thought we were super in sync and solid. The more I learned about

Okay, Here’s Some More

I don’t think I can fully explain to you how totally unexpected my divorce was for me. Like I said before, things were rough. But, like…I just thought it was normal rough. He was my husband. We had a child together. We had just gotten through the hardest year of our marriage and things were starting to look up. But, yeah. Things got worse, then they got terrible, then it was over. I went from feeling optimistic about our future

Public-Facing Diary

This really probably shouldn’t be a blog entry. It’s gonna be too personal. But it is what it is and I am who I am, so here we go. My therapist suggested this exercise. Not putting it in a blog, no, but writing it all out. I’ve got a lot of anxiety around childbirth/babies that is probably definitely not all about childbirth/babies, but also includes the trauma of the fact that my entire life fell apart the year after my