What I’m Wearing, 12-29-15

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What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson BuzzSince I posted a belly shot last time, might as well do it this time, eh? Someone was giving me grief because I hadn’t posted a bump photo for Week 26. Which, I only take bump photos every other week, on the odd weeks. So I’m not due to take one again until Sunday! I shot this sitting at my desk at work to tide her over until Sunday. ;)

What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson Buzz

I will never be good at taking selfies. I’m also wearing the same necklace I wore in my last post!

  • The shoes are my Tom’s wedges I got from Zulily.
  • The jeans are maternity pants a friend gave me. Due to my womb parasite I can’t really rotate my body well enough to see the tag on them to give you a brand/size. I know you’re crushed.
  • The shirt is a maternity shirt that was given to me by another friend. And I actually only just now remembered that I took these pictures yesterday so I’m not wearing these clothes today to even tell you the sizes in the first place! I’m wearing the same jeans and shoes, but today I have a knit sweater on (from the same friend that gave me the shirt in the photos).
  • The crazy long vest I bought at Target, on clearance. It was under $10. I can’t remember if I got a small or medium, but it doesn’t really matter because there ain’t no way it’s going to button over my stomach right now. Or any time in the near future.
  • The necklace is from Noonday Jewelry and I wear it a lot.

Why I Wore It

Because it fits! Don’t you remember?! ;) I mean…that’s still pretty much true. They let us wear jeans the last two weeks of the year, and I only have two pair of jeans that fit me. I have to wear the wedges because the jeans are a smidge too long. I bought the vest thing a few months ago but hadn’t worn it yet. I figured now was as good of a time as any, so I found one of my maternity shirts that went with it. Necklace for funsies and there you go – an outfit.

What I’m Wearing, 12-10-15

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I haven’t ordered a Stitch Fix in ages and doubt I’ll order one any time soon. I heard a rumor that they had pregnancy clothes now, but I can’t afford that nonsense. And I have no clue when I’ll be willing to accept my post-pregnancy weight as finalized enough to start spending that kind of $$ on clothes. I’m up to 155lbs now! It actually took me 23 weeks (well, somewhere between 19 and 23 weeks, I guess, since I only weigh myself at the doctor’s office) to start putting on weight. I was 147lbs at my last doctor’s visit, and it jumped up to 155lbs at the most recent one. I’ll be 27 weeks at the next one…I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like then. It seems like it takes forever for things to get started with this whole “growing a baby” thing and then suddenly stuff starts happening crazy fast. On December 4 I posted a picture on Facebook of my stomach and said “Just laying in bed, saying goodbye to my belly button.”

What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz

And now, a week later, it’s basically a total outie. Sorry, no pictures of that one. I’m mildly horrified.

Where was I going with all this? Oh. Clothes. None of mine fit anymore. I’m sick of all my maxi skirts, for real. I have one pair of black maternity tights, and one pair of black maternity pants. A couple of maternity tops. That’s it. And now nothing else fits me (slight exaggeration, but getting more true by the day). I’m only halfway through! I can’t spend any more money on clothes right now, either. It’s freaking Christmastime!! Thankfully I have an awesome friend bringing me some of her old stuff to try on. I really hope she has some jeans. I miss wearing jeans. I miss it so much.

So, anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today.

What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz

My hair has gotten so long since the last time I did this. For real. Different color, too. My stylist is the bomb-diggity. When I was still barely pregnant I went to Dollywood with my parents. Both of them, at separate times, without knowing the other had done it (as far as I know) requested that I wear flowy tops while pregnant. They don’t like the current trend of really accentuating the bump. I assured them I would do my best. Well. I’m just glad any of my non-maternity clothes fit. I really do not care if they’re hugging all my new curves. I’m not naked! That’s pretty much my only criteria for getting dressed these days…I’m not naked. Go me. So a rundown of what I’m wearing:

  • The gray sweater was given to me. I can’t remember who/when, but I’ve had it for ages and wear it pretty often. I kind of love it. The brand is “It’s Our Time” and it’s a Medium.
  • The shirt…I don’t recall where I got the shirt. But it fits! Barely. Maybe it was Old Navy? I kind of almost hurt myself trying to see the tag. I think the brand is “Perfect”? I couldn’t see the size. It’s another one I’ve had for ages. I actually have a blue one somewhere that’s the same brand/size. Wonder what happened to it?
  • The pants are new! Bought them at Target when I bought my handful of maternity things. They were on clearance for like $6. They’re stretchy so they should last awhile. One thing I discovered after I wore them the first time…they loooooooove to hug your curves. They were all kinds of up my butt. I tried to avoid walking around the office. And that’s why I’m wearing the gray sweater today!
  • The shoes are Toms. Bought them on Zulily. I really like them. Even with the wedge these pants are still too long for me. lol!
  • Oh, and the necklace is from Noonday. I really like their stuff. A friend/former coworker is selling it to raise money for an adoption, which is pretty cool. That link to Noonday from before actually goes directly to her “Ambassador” site, so if you do buy something from them, you should use that link. ;)

Why I Wore It

So I wouldn’t be naked! Seriously. Only criteria.

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion

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Because occasionally I go a bit girly and do stuff like this…

Last night Mr. T and I went to Walmart and spent an ungodly amount of money on stuff for Bonnaroo. And it was so obviously for Bonnaroo that the cashier asked us if we were going and we had a lovely chat about it. lol! And yes, we bought a rug. We’re classy.Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzSo, anyway. I bought four brand-new outfits that I’m super excited about, but kind of embarrassed to post about on Facebook because I’m afraid people will make fun of me for being girly. Occasionally I’m weird and worry too much about what people might think.

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzHere are all the outfits laid out. Which, the two black bras got switched for this picture – they actually go the other way. Not that you care or it really matters, I just want you to know. I got everything but the shoes at Walmart! Which was surprising – I really didn’t expect to find any cute clothes at Walmart. I got four pair of shorts that are the same style, just in different colors. I got four different bras as well. They’re sports bras, so they should be comfy and not awkward to be visible under my shirts. Top-down the tank tops are Marvel, GIRAFFES, pineapples, and The Lion King. I love them all so much. <3

What’s that? You want a fashion show?? wellalrighthen

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzHere are three of the outfits. I never know what to do with my legs, arms, or face when taking full-body selfies. I really love all these outfits. They’re comfy, I think they’ll be pretty cool, and since I already have them planned out, I won’t need to think/stress about clothes while I’m there. Because I do, you know. The past two years I’ve just taken a butt-ton of clothes and every morning panicked over what I would wear. NOT THIS YEAR, BONNAROO. Not this year.

Now for my favorite outfit:

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzI love this so hard. I saw it from across the clothing section – it was hanging on the end of the clearance rack and I went “GIRAFFES!” and rushed over to it. The back is super cool, and when I was trying it on I realized it showcased my MLP tramp stamp to perfection. Basically this is the most perfect top ever conceived. <3 <3 <3

Anyway, those are the clothes I’m taking to Bonnaroo. I bought the hat at Walmart, the flip-flops at Target, and I have a pair of rain boots I bought for Bonnaroo last year that I’m taking just in case. The forecast is a bit…dire. Rain every day. >.< But it said that last year and we had really nice weather!! Fingers crossed! I’m still looking for a fanny pack. I have a friend that says I can borrow one from her. In case you don’t hear from me again until I’m back, farewell, little blog.

What I’m Wearing, 04-01-15

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What I'm Wearing, 04-01-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 04-01-15 | The Wilson Buzz

My hair looks so weird today. I’m sorry.

  • I bought the cover thingy at Vanity. It’s a Small. And I lurve it.
  • The tank top is also from Vanity. It’s a Medium. And really long!!
  • The pants are the same ones from last Monday. Got them from Ross, they’re an 8 Petite.
  • The shoes are a pair of offbrand Toms I bought from Walmart ages ago, after Khat peed on all my flats. The first time I wore them they KILLED my feet, but now they’re pretty comfy and I wear them often. Faded Glory, size 7.
  • Oh, and I got the necklace a few years ago for a wedding.

Why I Wore It

I have this thing with new clothes…if I don’t wear them soon after buying them, I may never wear them. And going back to no compliment = no confidence…no one has complimented this today!! I look like a freak! *runs away and hides* But really, I do like the sweater. I still feel like the pants are weird and short, but whatever. It’s comfy. Also, it should be noted that it’s Wednesday and I’m not wearing a maxi skirt!!

What I’m Wearing, 03-26-15

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What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson Buzz

Aww crap. I forgot to check tags on these. That’s what I get for not blogging as soon as I take the pictures! So no sizes/brands today guys. I know you’re SEVERELY disappointed.

  • I got the blazer from A’gaci last weekend. It’s kind of cheaply made, but it was also only about $20, sooo…
  • I think I got the shirt from Target a year or so ago. It’s kind of short on the sides, so I only wear it with high-waisted skirts.
  • I got the skirt from Ross last weekend. It makes my butt look dang good, even though I didn’t get a picture of it.
  • The shoes are those tall heels I got from Zulily ages ago. My legs/butt look so much more rockin’ in tall heels.

Oh, and since it didn’t show up all that well in the picture, here is a close-up of the fun little cut out in my skirt:

What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson BuzzThe contrast between the black skirt and my pale legs caused my camera to lose its mind. It was either blinding knees or a skirt so dark it lost all the details.

Why I Wore It

I’m kind of the worst at looking like a professional adult at work. Mr. T always says that I dress so nicely no one would believe I was his wife. And I always reply…if you took everyone in my office and lined us up, a stranger could figure out which one belonged to you. lol! But I’m working on it!! I’ll be an adult one day, I swear. And I’m always paranoid when I wear something new to work and don’t get compliments. Like “Oh God…do I look like a fool?!” The jacket also has shoulder pads. SHOULDER PADS. They aren’t crazy, but I’d notice them out of the corner of my eye and assume I looked like either a football player or someone who popped in from the 80s. I had to go in the bathroom to check the mirror.

What I’m Wearing, 03-25-15

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What I'm Wearing, 03-25-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-25-15 | The Wilson Buzz
  • I got the skirt from Ross, on my great shopping expedition this past weekend. Label: Double Take, Size: Medium
  • The tank top is one I’ve had for awhile…I think it was on sale at Target. Label: Merona, Size: Small
  • The black over-shirt is another buy from this weekend. I got it at Vanity, and it’s a Medium as well.

Why I Wore It

I’ve noticed that I almost always wear maxi skirts on Wednesdays. They’re fancy sweatpants that you can wear in public, and right around Wednesday is when I just want to be comfortable. I made a conscious effort to buy OUTFITS this go around, instead of just pieces I liked but might not have anything at home that they would go with.

What I’m Wearing, 03-23-15

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What I'm Wearing, 03-23-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-23-15 | The Wilson Buzz

One day I’ll not fail at taking selfies of my outfits. I really should do it at home, but I never have time in the morning and forget by the evening! I went clothes shopping yesterday and am #SuperStoked about all my new clothes, so you may see an uptick in these posts over the next couple weeks. ;)

  • This whole outfit exists because of the cover thingy I saw at Ross. <3 it!! Made in India, brand: Live 4 TRUTH, size: medium.
  • The shirt/necklace came together – also from Ross. “Assembled” in Mexico, brand: Espresso, size: small.
  • The pants are yet again from Ross. Brand: 89th & Madison, size 8 petite (they’re almost too short, but regulars are almost always too long…curse, you, 5’3″ frame!!)
  • The shoes are TOMS, and I got them from Zulily on their last big TOMS sale. Size 7. LOVE them.
  • Oh, and I have two new bracelets from Pura Vida. Do you know what to do about the really long strings? I’m scared that if I cut them shorter I won’t be able to re-knot the ends as well and they’ll come apart. :\

Why I Wore It

Like I said – I went on a shopping binge yesterday. I haven’t really bought clothes in YEARS, so it was cathartic. I refuse to think about how much money I spent. It was all work-wear, too!! I hope none of it turns into regret… These pictures kind of suck (big surprise there) – I’m hoping it all looks more hippie/flowy IRL than these pictures show. I kind of look frumpy and fat in the pictures. Or maybe that’s just me being insecure.

And my hair has faded to a more orange-y red than my first picture. But I still like it. I’m definitely not going in early to get it re-dyed like my stylist said I might want to do. I don’t care if it fades out completely, I can’t drop another $100 any time soon. Supposedly it holds onto the color better the more often you get it done, so the next go around it should last a bit longer. I’m already washing/rinsing in cold water (I like to pretend it’s a refreshing end to my showers) and postponing washes a bit more than I was already doing. If it gets too oily, up in a ponytail it goes! All the more reason to learn new ways to style my hair, I suppose…

What I’m Wearing, 01-13-15

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What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz

I’m no good at posting these regularly, am I? Ah, well. I was really proud of this outfit yesterday, not sure why. “New” clothes, I guess?

  • The top was given to me by a coworker. I’m assuming people give me clothes because they like me and not because they’re desperately trying to get me to dress better. The tag says “Studio West”, and it’s a medium. Also 100% polyester. Woo!
  • The pants are my fantastic Stitch Fix pants I got in my first box that everyone loves and wants, but is too scared of Stitch Fix to risk ordering a box to acquire. They are the most expensive pants I’ve ever owned (most expensive ANY article of clothing, for that matter), ringing in at $98. “Emer High-Waisted Cropped Trouser” in medium.
  • The heels are the same black ones I ordered from Zulily and ranted about back in September.
  • Oh, and those are some of my new glasses from Zenni. I really like them. 8}

Why I Wore It

I really do love those pants. And they better last me for-freaking-ever for what I paid for them. ;) I for real get complimented every time I wear them. They’re super easy, don’t wrinkle, and are the perfect length. Even though they’re supposed to be cropped and yet fit me like full-length pants should. lol! I was on the fence about the top, but my closet is still in chaos mode, so the easiest clothes to access were the ones a coworker had just given me, so I went with it. And when I saw myself in the bathroom at work I was like “aw, yiss – you look GOOD!” I’m not sure if these pictures translate how I at least thought I looked. lol! I always get comments on the shoes, too. Mainly about how tall they are. They’re for real like 5″ heels. I love them.

What I’m Wearing, 12-05-14

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What I'm Wearing, 12-05-14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-05-14 | The Wilson Buzz

I have a lot of pictures of outfits on my phone, but I never got around to blogging about them. WHOOPS. Anyway, here are some “better” shots of my awesome sweater (WITH ELBOW PATCHES) that I got from Stitch Fix this last go around.

  • The sweater (Medium) is the “Denver Cable Knit Elbow Patch Cardigan” from Stitch Fix. It was $68 but I got it and my scarf for $59 total thanks to already paying $20 to be styled and I had a $25 credit from someone using my referral link (above). Here is my post about the Fix.
  • The t-shirt (Small) is from Old Navy. I bought it a couple years ago.
  • The jeans are also from Old Navy. I probably got them the same time I got the t-shirt. They’re a Size 4, but I think they’ve grown with me over the years. lol! I tried to put some Old Navy 4s on that a friend of mine gave me and it wasn’t happening.
  • I don’t remember where I got the shoes, but I love them. They’re 7.5 and the brand looks like Kiera, maybe? There is something on the sole, too, but it’s faded beyond readability. I desperately need another pair of sandals.

Why I Wore It

I’ve been waiting on an excuse to wear this sweater ever since I got it. Jeans Friday – what, what?? I loved it before, but it’s much better unbuttoned. My hips are much wider than they should be for the rest of my body, so tops tend to behave strangely. I only have three pair of jeans that fit me, and one pair has paint splotches on them. The others I’ve worn the past two weeks, and require heels. I wanted to wear flats today. I really need new jeans.


What I’m Wearing, 10-01-14

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What I'm Wearing 10/01/14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing 10/01/14 | The Wilson Buzz

(click to embiggen)

I for real have no idea what to do with my hands when taking pictures.

  •  I got this bad boy at Target, I think. On clearance. It’s the only maxi-length dress/skirt I have that is actually the right length. Usually they drag the ground. Merona brand, size small.
  • I got the shoes from Zulily. Bamboo, 7.5 (and they fit)
  • For jewelry, same plugs and rings (you can kind of see my rings in these pictures!) but I wore a different necklace! :) No clue where this one came from, though. Probably the same place I got those shoes from Monday.

Why I Wore It

I’ve noticed I almost always wear maxi skirts on Wednesdays. It’s just…it’s a good day to wear really comfy clothes, right? I tried to get a shot that showed off my shoes a little better but they all looked weird so I gave up. They’re these weird gladiator sandals that looked better online than in real life. They just fit weird is all. I wore contacts again today because my brown glasses are lost behind the bed and I thought wearing the red ones would be too much red.