Stitch Fix Summer Collection

My Note I’d love some wide-legged pants with tops and shoes to wear with them. Bright, summery colors and fun patterns. Something to make a statement. Stylist Note Hi Sarah, welcome back for your 6th Fix! I’m so glad that you loved the styles in your last Fix and I paid attention to your feedback on wanting more variety. I saw your request for wide-legged pants with tops and shoes to wear with them, as well as bright summer colors

Surprise Guest!

Okay, okay, okay. SORRY. Another clothing post. But! This time there are no pictures of me! So it’s new and exciting! Okay, one picture of me. But I was excited!! I mentioned last time (way down there at the bottom) that I had considered signing Matthew up for Amazon Prime Shopper blah blah blah, but they don’t have it set up for men yet, apparently. -_- My friend got hit with a FB ad (probably because we were discussing it

Out of Hand

I haven’t blogged about anything other than clothes in awhile. Oh, and the tragic ending to my marriage. Sorry about all that. Now that the world’s gone to shit with the ‘rona I’m having a hard time finding things to write about. (un)fortuantely, I had already signed up for so many clothing boxes…so they’re still rolling in. I’ve got two for this post, and two more after that, and I just got an alert from Amazon that my April box


Hello again! I’ve been gone for a HOT minute. I have so many things to post about, y’all. But I’m just gonna talk about clothes today. Because somehow I got all kinds of into ordering clothes last month. It started with an order through Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Then I got a free styling from Stitch Fix. Then I decided to try out the Personal Stylist from Amazon Wardrobe. And suddenly I had a million clothing items at my house and