Stitch Fix, January 2015

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I have an unboxing video!! Feel free to not watch it – it’s pretty terrible.

Wasn’t that horrific? I’m so sorry I put you through that. Blech. Aren’t you glad you came here today?! Anyway, let’s get back to discussing this month’s Fix. I skipped December because money was tight. But I was really hoping to get something awesome to wear for the big Two-Tone reopening that will be happening mid-February-ish.

Balton Sleeveless Abstract Print Dress: $48.00

Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz
Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz

I did get a pretty awesome dress. It’s not quite as cray-cray as I was kind of hoping for…but I would probably have gone “ye-gads!” had it been. It’s a perfectly lovely dress, one that I could even wear to work (and probably will). I decided I had to wear it with heels, because I like my legs better when I wear heels. I grabbed these crazy hooker heels I’ve had for ages but have never worn because 1: the look like hooker heels, and 2: they’re about a half-size too small. They were super uncomfortable and as soon as I took the pictures, I pulled the shoes off and tossed them in my donate box from when I cleaned the bedroom this past weekend:

Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz

Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean $78.00

I also got a pair of jeans. That were the same damn size as the last pair of jeans they sent me, which I marked as too damn small. Sorry for swearing – it won’t happen again. (Damn.) It’s a bit irritating when they give you all these nice options for explaining what did/didn’t work about each article of clothing so you think they’re listening to you and then BAM! they send you something in the exact same size as a previous item you’d said was too small. SORRY I HAVE HIPS. (Pants not pictured, because I’m not even gonna TRY to put them on.)

Anyway, back to the good stuff…

Benson Embroidered Trim Top: $48.00

Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz

I did like the tops this go around, even though I’m still struggling a bit with prices. First up is this fun top. It’s got three-quarter sleeves that are always too long on my arms. But they button to become half-sleeves, which I love! The neckline is fun, and it fit well. $48 is a bit much, though… I need to try it on again to see. These pictures are really crummy.

Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $44.00

Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz

I like this shirt alright, but it’s pretty sheer. Again, it always comes down to a concern on quality for the price. This is a lovely shirt, but it feels like the same shirts I bought at Gap ages ago (for less moolah), one of which has a hole in it now. I’m not sure how I feel about a $44 t-shirt… Wait, no – I do. That’s too much!! Nix the t-shirt!

Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan $58.00

Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, January 2015 | The Wilson Buzz

I did really like this at the time. (You like my pose in the second picture? I’m a…DANCER!) But is it worth $58?? I’m just not sure. Ugh. I hate making decisions with these boxes!! The neckline was also a bit weird… I think it’d be better if it were maybe a stiffer fabric, like leather, maybe? And a darker color. But I always go with darker colors… But it’s not like this oatmeal is any better – if it had been a vibrant color I’d like it more, too. So black or bright. lol! I’ve managed to convince myself to mark this one off the list, too.

I’m pretty sure I’m only going to get the dress… Any thoughts before I make a final decision??

What I’m Wearing, 01-13-15

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What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz

I’m no good at posting these regularly, am I? Ah, well. I was really proud of this outfit yesterday, not sure why. “New” clothes, I guess?

  • The top was given to me by a coworker. I’m assuming people give me clothes because they like me and not because they’re desperately trying to get me to dress better. The tag says “Studio West”, and it’s a medium. Also 100% polyester. Woo!
  • The pants are my fantastic Stitch Fix pants I got in my first box that everyone loves and wants, but is too scared of Stitch Fix to risk ordering a box to acquire. They are the most expensive pants I’ve ever owned (most expensive ANY article of clothing, for that matter), ringing in at $98. “Emer High-Waisted Cropped Trouser” in medium.
  • The heels are the same black ones I ordered from Zulily and ranted about back in September.
  • Oh, and those are some of my new glasses from Zenni. I really like them. 8}

Why I Wore It

I really do love those pants. And they better last me for-freaking-ever for what I paid for them. ;) I for real get complimented every time I wear them. They’re super easy, don’t wrinkle, and are the perfect length. Even though they’re supposed to be cropped and yet fit me like full-length pants should. lol! I was on the fence about the top, but my closet is still in chaos mode, so the easiest clothes to access were the ones a coworker had just given me, so I went with it. And when I saw myself in the bathroom at work I was like “aw, yiss – you look GOOD!” I’m not sure if these pictures translate how I at least thought I looked. lol! I always get comments on the shoes, too. Mainly about how tall they are. They’re for real like 5″ heels. I love them.

What I’m Wearing, 12-05-14

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What I'm Wearing, 12-05-14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-05-14 | The Wilson Buzz

I have a lot of pictures of outfits on my phone, but I never got around to blogging about them. WHOOPS. Anyway, here are some “better” shots of my awesome sweater (WITH ELBOW PATCHES) that I got from Stitch Fix this last go around.

  • The sweater (Medium) is the “Denver Cable Knit Elbow Patch Cardigan” from Stitch Fix. It was $68 but I got it and my scarf for $59 total thanks to already paying $20 to be styled and I had a $25 credit from someone using my referral link (above). Here is my post about the Fix.
  • The t-shirt (Small) is from Old Navy. I bought it a couple years ago.
  • The jeans are also from Old Navy. I probably got them the same time I got the t-shirt. They’re a Size 4, but I think they’ve grown with me over the years. lol! I tried to put some Old Navy 4s on that a friend of mine gave me and it wasn’t happening.
  • I don’t remember where I got the shoes, but I love them. They’re 7.5 and the brand looks like Kiera, maybe? There is something on the sole, too, but it’s faded beyond readability. I desperately need another pair of sandals.

Why I Wore It

I’ve been waiting on an excuse to wear this sweater ever since I got it. Jeans Friday – what, what?? I loved it before, but it’s much better unbuttoned. My hips are much wider than they should be for the rest of my body, so tops tend to behave strangely. I only have three pair of jeans that fit me, and one pair has paint splotches on them. The others I’ve worn the past two weeks, and require heels. I wanted to wear flats today. I really need new jeans.


Stitch Fix, November 2014

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Mr. T took these pictures in a hurry one morning because I kept putting off doing it and then needed to mail the stuff back before I had to pay for all of it. SORRY. My pitiful blog photography is a million times worse this post because I didn’t proof the images before sealing the return bag. How much time/effort do women put into blog photography?? Because “none” is what I do and my photos come out nowhere close to the quality of more professional bloggers. Frankly…I just don’t have time for that. Oy, I also forgot to take pictures of the paperwork. It’s all very similar to last month. Use your imagination. I think I’ll do an unboxing video next time!

Anywho, this month was both better and worse than last month. I liked all the clothes, but the jeans were too small and the tops were too expensive. Bah! I wouldn’t mind the price if the material felt…solid. The tops are always so flimsy it just seems like one dog paw (or a run through the washer) will rip a hole in them. And I’m not paying $60 for a sweater I’m scared to wash!!

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzThis is the scarf. It’s a bit too bulky to wear as part of an outfit, in my opinion, but I really like it with a coat. I am keeping it, because it’s snuggly warm and I like the fact that it has two different patterns on it, so it has some visual interest without going crazy with colors. I actually took this picture right before we headed out for Thanksgiving lunch with Mr. T’s family.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzSorry for the skirt – like I said, I was in a hurry to get ready to go to my hometown and needed to do a million things other than take pictures in clothes. I really liked this sweater, but it cost $50. Which is definitely going to be the lowest price, I’m afraid. If we weren’t dealing with Christmas and opening a business I might have considered it a bit more. But I just didn’t have the budget for that right now.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz

I really liked this top, too, but it was $60. If I’m not paying $50 for a shirt, I’m definitely not paying $60. I look friggen pregnant in that first picture…I have no idea what was going on there. Terrible posture, I guess. I wanted a shot of the back panel, but Mr. T didn’t tell me the tags were all hanging out, blocking the view. Again, really thin fabric and a really high price.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson Buzz

Ahhhh! It’s a comfy sweater!! I have yearned for a comfy sweater. Slightly too large, bulky and knit and oh so comfy… AND IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES. Again, had I seen the pictures ahead of time I would have worked harder to lose the hunch back while still expressing joy over the patches…but what can you do? And it looks silly with the skirt. I think it’ll be nice with a good pair of jeans. The biggest issue with this is the fact that it’s a bit too casual for work. Maybe on Jean Fridays I can get away with it… And it’s wool, so it’s dry clean only. So I can’t really wear it to work, but I’m scared to wear it at home in case I get it dirty. Oh, AND it was $70. Kept it anyway. It’s solid, and warm. And I’m definitely always going to wear a shirt under it, because I don’t want deodorant/sweat getting in the pits. So it’s more like a jacket than a shirt. AND IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES. I didn’t approach this one with any sort of logic in mind. It was comfy and perfect and I wanted it. So I paid $70 for it.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzSeriously – he took a picture while I was talking and thought that would be fine. Men… And they were skinny jeans, not that you can tell from this shot, since they fade into my skirt. I kind of regret not trying them on…but they were a 28 waist, which is what Mr. T wears. And I can NOT wear Mr. T’s pants. It doesn’t make any sense, because on my Style Profile I have 32 listed as my waist (the largest they go), and say I have wide hips. Oh, sorry, I am “curvy on my bottom half”. 8P I also say I have short legs, and these things were several inches too long. It was disappointing because they were a “decent” price for Stitch Fix, at $60, and I really need some new jeans.

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzHere are the prices for this month. A girl at work ordered a box, so I got a $25 credit. That plus the $20 I’d already paid for a Styling Fee put my total at just under $60. Not bad! I guess I need to go jeans shopping… I really need more pants, and I can’t afford another Fix this year. I’ve already ordered one for January, and requested something bright and crazy for Mr. T’s shop opening!! I’ve done practical for two months, now I want something crazy. God, I hope it works out…

Oh, and if you want to order your own Stitch Fix, please use this link, so I can get a referral bonus:

Stitch Fix, November 2014 | The Wilson BuzzHappy Thanksgiving!

Stitch Fix, October 2014

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Lookie what came in the mail!!

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson BuzzI was so worried about this package. What if I hated everything? What if nothing fit? What if I loved everything and it was all too expensive?? Well all that worry was for naught – it was a fantastic little package. (That’s what she said.)

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

When I opened the box, everything was wrapped neatly in tissue paper, and there was some paperwork in an envelope. It was so fancy!! Which, honestly, made me more concerned about the prices. lol! I decided to open the envelope first.

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

There was a lot of really cool stuff in there. A price list of everything they had sent me, a little card explaining how Stitch Fix works, and a style guide to help me coordinate other outfits with the pieces they’d sent me. That was probably the coolest thing – I desperately need tips like that. lol! As far as the prices, they were a bit higher than I’m used to spending, but considering I’ve only bought work clothes through a consignment store that’s more on me being cheap than these clothes being too expensive.

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

The first thing I pulled out was the necklace. It was perfectly lovely and worked well with all the pieces. But it was $34. I’m not quite ready to spend that much money on jewelry. I’m not sure I’m ready to spend that much on clothes! I can probably find something similar at Target for $15. Lower quality, true, but…baby steps. I’m already spending more on articles of clothing than I ever have. Maybe eventually I’ll be ready to spend this much on a necklace. The other items were one pair of black pants ($98) and three tops (all around $45-50). I had put “cheapest possible” for my prices on everything – so this is about as cheap as things are going to get through Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

Look at me getting fancy with my poses! It’s called “my bedroom is a disaster so I brought the mirror to the kitchen which is slightly less of a disaster, but then I had to prop it against dog crates and dining room chairs to get full body shots” posing.

Before I got a good look at the pants I was like **** no, I’m not spending $100 on pants. I don’t even spend $50 on pants. But these things are legit. Just feeling the fabric you can tell they’re high-quality. They’d kind of high-waisted (I didn’t get a good picture of that, sorry) and have a stretchy waist instead of snaps, zippers, or buttons. The most remarkable thing is that they fit length-wise. I felt delightfully grown-up wearing them. I really liked this top, too. It was a bit thin – I’ll probably need to wear a black tank or t-shirt underneath it – but it fit really well.

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz^^ dat booty

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

I think I like this picture more than I liked the way I looked in this top. It’s not that I hated it or anything…but I didn’t like it enough to want to pay $48 for it. The arm holes were really wide, so you could see my bra. The style pamphlet thing suggested wearing it with a blazer. But first I have to buy a blazer. Which I really should do, I suppose. Anyway, I didn’t love it. And I think it was the top that worked best with the necklace. That further solidified my decision to not get either of them. 8D

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson Buzz

I’m still on the fence about this top. I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it, but it is SO see-through. It will definitely need an under-shirt, especially if I’m going to wear it to work. I don’t mind layering, but I hate the thought of spending $45 on a shirt that I have to wear another shirt underneath. But it’s a really nice shirt… No, I don’t think I’m going to get it. Frugality wins in the end!!

So, yeah – 2/5 ain’t bad… If it were all a bit cheaper I’d probably get all five. And it all fits!! Even down to the length of the pants!! They give you a handy pre-paid bag to return anything you don’t want. Plus, when you log on to the site to let them know what you’re keeping/returning (you have about a week to decide) you get to rate everything you received – size, price, style, and fit/cut. Plus there’s a little text box for you to give more specific feedback.

Last thing: When I was in middle school Mom signed me up for this etiquette class that taught us all sorts of things women in the 50s needed to know how to do. One of the more bizarre things was learning how to read the symbols on laundry tags. I remember us asking them why the clothing designers didn’t just use words on the tags and they said something about how non-English speakers wouldn’t be able to understand. We were of the opinion that learning a few words in English would be easier than learning a bunch of weird symbols. Come to think of it…English would be a bunch of weird symbols, wouldn’t it? Anyway – I really regret not paying more attention back then, because:

Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson BuzzIf you want to order your own Stitch Fix, you should be super awesome and use my referral link. I’ll love you forever!!Stitch Fix 10/2014 | The Wilson BuzzPrice list. Again – I chose “The cheaper, the better” for the pricing on everything. I’m kind of tempted to do “$200+” on something, just to see how outrageous they can go…but I hate to waste a shipment. Plus, Khat would probably pee on it and I wouldn’t be able to return it. >.<