My Bedroom!

Inspiration: Bed Frame & Headboard

When I last wrote about my bed, we had it assembled but not painted. Well…

finished bed

We finished it! Finally! Several weeks ago, tbh. I’m just really bad at writing blog posts these days. It looks good, though. I love it so hard.

m painting me painting

It really didn’t take that long to get it all painted, once we sat down to do it. The biggest issue was that I thought I had a decent amount of the dark gray paint left over from when the stairwell was painted. Turns out I didn’t. I had a tiny amount from that project and then about half a gallon of this dark green that I used in the bonus room closet which is supposed to be a reading nook/library sort of space….unfinished project from my previous life. So, yeah. I had to buy another gallon of paint.

goofy shot of us
He makes my heart happy. 🙂

Once I finally had the paint and motivation (and company) to sit down and do it, it was pretty quick and easy. We had The Office playing in the background and I think we got both coats cranked out in a single night. I had already gotten the first coat on about half of the headboard with the last of the stairwell paint, so there was a nice staggering of space to paint while other areas were drying. I also bought a can of dark blue spray paint and fancied up a couple of trays and a mirror for the room.

me and spray paint
I will never not buy the spray paint that has a trigger. Game changer, y’all. Game. Changer.

pre-paint post-paint

I don’t know…there isn’t much to say when all you do is paint. I don’t know any secrets to painting something super well or extra easy or anything. Just don’t look too closely and it’s allll goooood.

right nightstand
I love this cat. I got it from Goodwill ages ago and spray painted it that awesome shade of teal…it looks so good in the room. Loooooove it.
fugler doll
This dude cracks me up. It was a BOGO at Target, so I got one for me and one for my son. He named them both Bones because they have bones on their faces. lolol They’re called Fugglers and you should buy one.
left nightstand
This is more “my” side of the bed, just because it’s closer to the window. My roommate painted some fish on a random empty paint can that was in the garage and when I saw it on Facebook I made a joke about how it would look PERFECT in my room. (Because it’s the paint can from when I painted my walls coral.) So he gave it to me without getting the joke. lol!
And here’s the mirror! It looks so good. I love how the room is coming together. Looooove it. I’ve never had a totally put-together adult room. Ever. This one is so close.
finished bed
I love this bed so dang much.

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