Stitch Fix Summer Collection

My Note I’d love some wide-legged pants with tops and shoes to wear with them. Bright, summery colors and fun patterns. Something to make a statement. Stylist Note Hi Sarah, welcome back for your 6th Fix! I’m so glad that you loved the styles in your last Fix and I paid attention to your feedback on wanting more variety. I saw your request for wide-legged pants with tops and shoes to wear with them, as well as bright summer colors

Amazon Personal Shopper, 05/2020

My Note Casual clothing – shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals. Wardrobe staples mixed with fun patterns to make an outfit interesting. Practical enough to chase a 4yo and a puppy around without crossing over into “Mom Fashion”. The Clothes Marky G Apparel Women’s Pigment-Dye Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt I tried something new with this box and ordered the same items in different colors/prints. Wild, I know. This was a basic t-shirt, and the navy blue was only like $7. The pink

Amazon Personal Shopper, 04/2020

My Note Since I’m quarantined at home and summer is coming, I’d like comfortable, casual clothing. Shorts, pants, shirts, sandals, hoodies, etc. Things that are cute enough to be able to wear out in public once I can go out again, but comfortable enough to be able to wear around the house and on walks through the neighborhood with my son. The Clothes I actually really liked basically everything the stylist had picked for this box, so it was kind

One More to Catch Up

I was actually going to make a different kind of post, but if I do this now I’ll be all caught up on clothes posts AND the box I got this week is just so hilarious to me that I desperately want to share the pictures. I’ll make a post about a home project or how I feel like I’m slowly going crazy as the world crumbles around me at some point after this one. Amazon Personal Shopper, 03/2020 Lucky

Out of Hand

I haven’t blogged about anything other than clothes in awhile. Oh, and the tragic ending to my marriage. Sorry about all that. Now that the world’s gone to shit with the ‘rona I’m having a hard time finding things to write about. (un)fortuantely, I had already signed up for so many clothing boxes…so they’re still rolling in. I’ve got two for this post, and two more after that, and I just got an alert from Amazon that my April box

More Clothes

Okay, more pictures of me wearing clothes. I’d probably get more followers if I posted pictures of me not wearing clothes…but then again, maybe not. Like I said previously, I got a bit carried away on ordering various clothing boxes. I’m only getting Stitch Fix every three months, so you’ll have to wait on a post for that one. But! I’ve got TWO Amazon Prime Wardrobe orders to show off. My first one is the Personal Shopper selection that was


Hello again! I’ve been gone for a HOT minute. I have so many things to post about, y’all. But I’m just gonna talk about clothes today. Because somehow I got all kinds of into ordering clothes last month. It started with an order through Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Then I got a free styling from Stitch Fix. Then I decided to try out the Personal Stylist from Amazon Wardrobe. And suddenly I had a million clothing items at my house and