Dream Journal?

I had a weird dream last night. I don’t think it’s significant or anything, I just wanted to type it out because it’s been so long since I had a weird dream. lol!

Anyway, so idk where we were, but we discovered that if we put on these red glasses and stood in certain spots, we could travel to a parallel universe. Everything was the same, but different. As parallel universes go, you know. But then it turned out that was an evil parallel universe. Of course. And the evil people figured out what we were doing. Of course. So they wanted to leave that universe and come to ours because theirs was being destroyed by something or other. Of course. Oh, and any time we switched between the two something Major and Terrible would happen in our world, as a sort of punishment for defying the laws of the universe. Anywho. Our universe was getting infiltrated by all these evil people and we were trying to hide from them and also protect our world…then we discovered that if we put on GREEN glasses we could transport to another alternate universe where things were better. So we were debating on bailing entirely and just moving to the other other universe and staying there instead. And then I woke up.

Happy Monday!

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