30 Before 30

If you remember my 30 Before 30 from days gone by, this one is definitely┬á tweaked in some major ways. Also, it’s not really stuff that I plan on getting done before my 30th birthday. I’m giving myself through the end of 2018.

I guess there’s something at least somewhat exciting at starting your 30s as a newly-single mom? I feel like there’s a world of possibilities opening up to me. Did I ever want to be here? No. Am I glad to be here? More and more every day.

ANYWAY. On to the list. ­čÖé

1. Have a child.

I did, in fact, have a child! LBW (Wade) is the absolute best thing I have ever done with my life. The only reason I don’t regret the past decade of my life is because he was born.

2. Record at least 20 recipes in a cookbook.

I’ve actually purchased a recipe box with cards…I just need to sit down and write out some recipes! There are a few that I found on Pinterest that I make fairly regularly and it would be nice to have them accessible without needing to pull out my phone and get online. (Like I’m not on my phone 24/7, anyway.)

3. Start to work out regularly.

Damnit. I forget about this one all the time and get annoyed when I see it on my list… I should, but don’t want to, work out. >.>

4. Travel outside the US.

I’m going to Canada, you guys! It’s going to take care of at three things on this list, too!! (road trip, tattoo, travel outside the US)

5. Get a full sleeve tattoo.

I have an appointment scheduled with Yann Black next September. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED I AM RIGHT NOW.

6. Go on a road trip.

Currently the plan is to rent a car and spend several days driving up into Canada, get tattooed, then fly back to TN. I’M SO EXCITED.

7. Be debt free.

I have about $7k left on my car and about $3k that I took on during the divorce from a loan for the shop…which I really regret doing now, but whatever. I can’t believe I have $10k in debt. I need to go by the bank and see if I can consolidate and refinance and idk what other buzz words. I doubt I’ll get this one checked off, though.

8. Buy a new car.

I did buy a new car! Which is why I’m in debt. >.>

9. Make homemade home decorations.

This one was always vague and weird and I want to just check it off so I can have another thing done, darnit. Plus I have an embarrassing number of paintings that I’ve done up in the living room. Artist I am not, my friends.

10. Watch all of The Office on Netflix.

I forget when I watched this, but I did. It was hilarious. Everyone should do it at least once in their lives.

11. Build a website for Still Waters Mtn Retreat.

I sort of made a site for Mom and Dad using Bootstrap. It’s garbage. I should fix it before another year passes.

12. Learn to sew.

I have a sewing machine. I’ve never taken it out of the box. I have at least four Pinterest boards with things I want to make. GET ON IT, SARAH.

13. Read 400 books.

  • 2013: 85
  • 2014: 95
  • 2015: 52
  • 2016: 12 (I blame Wade for this.)
  • 2017: 92 and counting

400 – 336 = 64!

14. Bike 30 miles.

Next spring/summer/fall I want to bike a total of 30 miles. I toyed with the idea of doing it all in one go, but I’ll more than likely have Wade strapped to my bike, so that’s an extra 20-30 lbs I’ll be hauling…let’s not get too crazy, okay?

15. Find a new job.

I’ve been a web developer at MTSU since June!

16. Have sex every day for a month.

I did this. We made a baby. It was worth it. But f*ck him. (heh)

17. Get roommates.

Ironically, this used to be “Ditch the roommates.” but here I am, with two roommates. And this is preferred over living alone. Plus they pay rent! And I genuinely like them. We should have a sitcom. My house currently contains: 3 adults, 1 toddler, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.

18. Ditch the disposables.

I want to cut out paper plates, plastic cups/flatware, napkins, etc. and only use resuable things. Save the planet, yo. This is where learning to sew would be beneficial…I could make my own napkins/towels.

19. Make a family photo album every year.

I made 2015 & 2016 albums, plus a baby book for Wade’s first year, and I’ve started on a 2017 album. Mr. T was extremely considerate and moved out on our anniversary, so I was able to keep the same timeline with my newest book. Such a f*cking gentleman.

20. Grow my hair out to shoulder-length.

It’s close enough, and still growing. I really like the black hair! I am worried about damage, though. :\

21. Go on an adventure every year.

2013, 14, and 15 we went to Bonnaroo. 2016 we went to Pilgrimage Music & Art Festival. 2017 I’ve gone on the biggest effing adventure ever – divorce.

22. Make updates to the living room:

  • Remove shelves
  • paint over floors
  • hang pictures/art
  • hang curtains

23. Make updates to Wade’s room:

  • hang art
  • remove futon

24. Make updates to the upstairs:

  • paint trim
  • do…something…to stairwell and landing flooring
  • gallery wall/string art in the stairwell

25. Make updates to my bedroom:

  • hang art/mirrors
  • hang curtains

26. Make something challenging.

I want to build something. With power tools and sweat. And since all the crazy has gone down, I decided I want to build a bed frame for my new room. I BOUGHT A KING-SIZED BED YOU GUYS. I sleep in luxury now. Even if it is currently “mattress on the floor” luxury. lolol

27. Have a date night at a nice restaurant.

I did this with Mr. T when Wade was just a few months old. We ate at High Point and stayed in a cabin while my parents kept Wade overnight.

28. Get back out there.

I’m about to be a recently-divorced 29yo woman with a toddler, roommates, and serious trust issues. I can’t begin to imagine what sort of hi-jinks I’m going to experience while dating.

29. Write a 40 Before 40 list.

I’ve actually done this. I just need to transfer it over…and update it. Because I’m guessing a lot is going to change on it as well.

30. Have a BANGIN 30th birthday party.

I can’t wait to plan it. We’re gonna have fun, y’all. <3

2 Replies to “30 Before 30”

  1. I used to think kids and roommates didn’t mix but having now experienced it secondhand a few times, I think it’s kind of awesome. Looks like a lot of these are ongoing so you’ll sort of meet them by default by turning 30 – high-five!

    We’ve been living the floor bed life for over a year and I don’t even notice it anymore. With the foundation (I learned that’s the new fancy term for box-spring) under it, the mattress sits about the same height as on our old platform frame. I SO want to upgrade to a king though, so I’m super jealous! I need to add “find a new job” to my list too.

    1. I’m currently somewhat optimistic that I can at least get *most* of them complete by the end of next year! Hopefully…

      King-sized beds are LIFE, man. I highly recommend it. I got mine off Groupon for less than $400, I think.

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