I am in an absolutely foul mood today. Mr. T went to his hometown last night, even though I mentioned the weather forecast was DISASTER and DESTRUCTION. So now he’s stranded there for an unknown amount of time. People keep mocking “the south” for closing down due to a dusting of snow and some freezing rain, when my entire back yard is a solid block of ice and the front yard looks like this:

Well... | The Wilson Buzz Well... | The Wilson Buzz

The dogs are driving me absolutely INSANE. I can’t get comfortable on the couch. I’m technically “working from home” today but have zero desire to do anything. The only email I’ve gotten is to set up another mass email – I’m the official SPAM producer for our company. I hate doing these. Have I mentioned the dogs are driving me crazy? And I hate everyone? Because I hate everyone. Especially the dogs. We NEED a sectional sofa, because all three can’t fit on the couch without a lot of finangling, and I’m not in the mood to finangle today.

Midway through the morning I had an epiphany. I grab my phone to check my theory and yes…


My period starts today.

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