New Tattoo!

I started on a new tattoo this week! I love it so much.

BACKSTORY: When my ex and I first started dating he was a tattoo apprentice. (I honestly don’t know if I’d have tattoos now had we not started dating. I do know I’d have vastly different ones, but whatever. All I know is now I love tattoos and have lots of them.) My very first tattoo was a little baby dragon that everyone thought was a Pokemon. My ex drew it and the artist he was apprenticing under (Ritchie) tattooed it on my ankle. I then got really really drunk with some friends of mine and named it Smirnoff. I’ve now had this little guy for over 9 years.

When it became apparent that we were definitely getting a divorce, I reached out to Ritchie about getting a new tattoo. There were several reasons… I’ve always wanted another tattoo from him because he’s an amazing artist and the tattoo he’d done was definitely not a good display of his abilities. I also liked the symbolism behind him giving me my first tattoo when my relationship was new, and then giving me my first tattoo after my relationship had ended.

I explained all that to him, and told him that I was giving him 100% creative freedom (if he wanted it – idk, some people might not like that?) to design something for me. We scheduled an appointment and then I waited two months in breathless anticipation to see what he’d draw up. lolol

So I went in on Tuesday and he started the tattoo and everyone asks why I got it and I kind of explain it then they all look at me like I’m insane… Is it really that weird to want your artist to draw something amazing? I feel like I’m more of an art collector than anything when it comes to tattoos. I get a tattoo from an artist because I like that artist’s style. If I design the tattoo that takes away from their creative process. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. You just want to see the tattoo!

chameleon tattoo

I love it so much. And I love the way it sits on my leg. It’s really hard to take pictures of it, though. I also tried to make a video…equally difficult. I’ll try more when it’s finished…this is good enough for now. lol

I have been thinking, though. You could totally make up some symbolism for it! Like…the old tattoo is inside the pot, right? And there’s a plant growing out of it. And the pot’s all cracked. So, something something something – beauty out of destruction, new out of old, bigger and better from small and…less good? I don’t know. It’s a work in progress!