Cube, Sweet, Cube

I finished another one! Finished!! Going to take it to the dry cleaners tomorrow. #crossstitch #cubesweetcube #spacenonasstitchery A post shared by Sarah Bell (@sarahbell0406) on Mar 12, 2018 at 9:10pm PDT We’re supposed to be moving to a new space at some point between now and my retirement. I’m gonna pick this up at the dry cleaners today and might actually get it framed before we move? Maybe? I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

Procrastination Station

I’m suddenly remembering all my flaws from when I was a student. Mainly because I’m actively doing it all over again. I’ve done three loads of laundry – AND GOT IT ALL PUT AWAY – today. I also cleaned my room. You know why? I have an exam tomorrow. -_- I’M NOT PROUD OF THIS PART OF MY PERSONALITY. I procrastinate like whoa when it comes to school stuff. I don’t know if it’s better or worse that this is