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For the first time in our entire marriage, Mr. T let me start putting Christmas decorations up early. Fun fact: Last year was the first year we actually tried to work together to decorate and it almost resulted in a divorce. (Only a slight exaggeration there.) So this year I put together all but the very top of the tree, because I couldn’t reach it. Then I let him take over. Seriously – blood was nearly shed over the proper way to fluff out the branches. It was nutso. Things got tense. We’re so weird. Anyway, we still don’t have any lights on it, so I’m not sure I’d consider it “Christmas decorations” yet…it’s really more of a giant pine tree in our living room. But Mr. T’s family is coming over to OUR house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I guess I have to get something done by then… >.<

Feliz Navidad | The Wilson BuzzFeliz Navidad, Beeches…

Christmas Giddies

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I got the Christmas Giddies, y’all! Shut up, spell check – “giddies” is a real word!

This happens to me every year. I flipping LOVE this time of year. Love, love, love it. Not to get too…political?…or anything, but my love for Christmas is one of the main reasons I see no need to tell my future children that Santa is real. Everyone’s all “Christmas is so MAGICAL when you believe!!” Well you know what, my parents never tried to push that fat man propaganda on me and I’m a twenty-six year old woman still OBSESSED with all things Christmas. But if Mr. T really wants to do it, I’ll probably let it be a “thing”. Only because I love that man…

Anyway, this post isn’t about Santa. It’s about Chrissssssssssstmasssssss… *birds sing*

I still haven’t fully recovered from The Great DIY Debacle of 2014. As a matter of fact, the animals continue to ruin our lives. Just this morning Vigo got hot fudge sundae all over the couch and Khat came out of Mr. T’s closet in a VERY suspicious manner… I didn’t have time to investigate that one. Chairman continues to gnaw on the lowest branches of the tree every chance he gets – which isn’t often, because he’s so scared of Sputnik. Oh, and Sputnik got in the trash a couple days ago and then pooped in the house multiple times. It’s been weeks since the last indoor pooping incident, at least. And this time he had the decency to stay on the hard floors.

OH. My niece came over to work on some crafts with me to give to grandparents as Christmas presents (I’ll blog about that later, maybe). She wanted to paint something not structured after we’d finished, so Mr. T was squirting some paint onto a plate for her and the back of the tube split open and red paint SHOT out of the back of it. We now have three huge red stains on our carpet. That we just shampooed a month ago. Kill me now. What was this post even about? Oh, right – how flipping happy I am right now. >.>

Grinch's <3 Growing

I do love Christmas… Mr. T is off from now until Saturday – glory be. I’m off Wednesday through Sunday. What on earth will we do with all this free time?! Well he is going shopping today. >.< Then we need to wrap presents – some of the things I ordered are still being delivered, and I, too, need to pick up a few things. Dear Brother didn’t get us his family’s lists until last Wednesday. I think all the Amazon orders should be in by tomorrow. Hopefully. Oh, and other than that, maybe we should finish my closet? And clean up the bedroom?? I’m *thisclose* to being done in the closet, and then we can finally clean up the bedroom!! I failed miserably on my Style Cure… Honestly, I don’t think that accomplished anything, other than giving me something to ramble about for a few weeks. I did rearrange the art on the wall, so there’s that. #EpicFail The good news is, I signed up for another Cure! Something about getting organized in January. I just know that one will go swimmingly. 8P

The most exciting part about this Christmas? We’re taking all three dogs to my hometown!! Dad’s cousin is going to board Sputnik, because he is FAR too crazy to be around my family/small children. But Splinter and Vigo are going with us. They’d probably have more fun at the boarding place, because I know Mom’s going to get all nervous and make us keep them in their crates most of the time, but they’re the closest thing to kids we have and I want them to be around during Christmas, darnit! Which reminds me – I need to get some doggie treats when I make my last-minute panicked Walmart run… Davis is going to come by the house and take care of the cats for us, God bless him.

Anyway, we’re getting together with Mr. T’s grandmother on Christmas day, around lunch time, then we’re driving to my hometown. We’ll stay there through Saturday night/Sunday morning…whatever ends up happening. Most of the family can’t get there until Saturday, and there was a rumor of us waiting until Sunday morning to open presents, so you get the magic of waking up to “Christmas”. Which…I like the idea of that, but Mr. T has to work Sunday so I’d hate to feel rushed to leave right after the presents are opened. Decisions, decisions.

The thing I’m most excited about, which I can actually post about here because my parents don’t know about my blog, is that I bought us all pajamas. *squee! Mr. T and I bought Dad a bike that has to be assembled, so my great plan is to hand out the pajamas, then have Mr. T and Dad assemble the bike. #ChristmasMemories The men have matching PJ bottoms that I won’t describe here, in case Mr. T reads this post (he won’t). Mom and I both have onesies, but they don’t match. I got Mom some made out of fleece with penguins on them. Mine are….mine are fabulous.

Christmas Giddies | The Wilson BuzzAin’t no shame in my jam-jam game!

Christmas DIY Update

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What an absolute cluster those DIY ornaments turned out to be. We got the tree up! We put lights on it! It was so lovely. We spent all Thanksgiving morning working on Christmas stuff. I made my pom pom snowflakes. Mr. T worked on the retro-inspired ones. Things were going GREAT.

Then I went out of town. And Mr. T felt bad because Splinter and Sputnik were in their crates longer than usual those two days. So he left them out on Sunday. Thank GOD he got home before I did, or murder would have been in the air. Sputnik had a FIELD DAY (sorry, there are a lot of caps in this post). He got in leftover movie popcorn, the trash, the recycling, a bag that had Mom’s Christmas present in it, he pooped like 5 times, and I don’t know what else. Isn’t that enough? And then. AND THEN. Monday morning I left him loose – like I do every work day – for the few hours between when I leave and when Mr. T wakes up. Again – I do this every day. But apparently the joy he took from ruining the house the day before carried over, because he went on another rampage. Mr. T cleaned up the poop, at least, but I had to take care of the trash when I got home.

The part that upsets me the most with all this…my pom pom snowflakes. He DESTROYED them. I had just threaded them with needle and thread, so they weren’t tied on in any way. He pulled half of them off. :( There are pom poms EVERYWHERE. And he somehow managed to pull the lowest strand of lights off the tree, and broke them in some magical way that causes them to no longer light up, but still transmit electricity to the second strand. If I knew how Christmas lights worked that might make sense, but I don’t know and I don’t care – I just really hate that stupid puppy. *pout*

I did get to send Mr. T one of his favorite texts of all time, though. It read “I think I know why he pooped so much. He ate an entire stick of butter.”

I haven’t even tried to make any salt dough, or the kind with applesauce and cinnamon. I just don’t have the heart. Oh, and then the retro ornaments… I wondered while he was making them if Mr. T was using enough glue. He wasn’t. There is sand everywhere. I haven’t wrapped any presents, either. What’s the point? WE CAN’T PUT THEM UNDER THE TREE! Sputnik will ruin those, too. I’ve lost all motivation to even try anything else this year. Dogs ruin lives. Put that on a bumper sticker…


No, there are no pictures. What about this post made you think there would be pictures?!

DIY Ornaments

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I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to DIY some ornaments this year to save money. Of course, I have to be very aware of the costs of DIY, because more often than not I end up spending WAY more than I anticipated… I don’t want to wake up at the end of my shopping trip and realize I spent more than if I’d just bought some cheap ornaments! Of course, DIY adds an extra touch of – whatever – to the whole thing, so it’s “better” than store-bought. But the name of the game this year is Frugal, not Sentimental!

Here are some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest…

DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz These will probably be the most expensive…but I absolutely love them. We’ll probably only make a handful of them, to keep cost down. Aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz I have a TON of buttons left over from when I made my niece her name in buttons. Of course, pink and yellow aren’t really the first thing I think of when I imagine Christmas ornaments, especially Christmas tree-shaped ones, but maybe we can just lump a bunch together and when they’re mixed in with everything else they’ll look alright. Since I’m buying thread for all the other DIY ornaments, this is a free option that we might as well attempt – even if it fails it’s no big deal.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz We have a bunch of branches from the work we’ve done in the backyard. So this is a potentially cheap/easy option as well. But sawing and drilling takes effort, and who knows what kind of shape that wood is in (I’ve avoided our backyard for MONTHS)… So maybe? It would be fun to paint little somethings on them. Maybe we could do all the dogs we’ve fostered, plus our own pets – and us, of course! Well,  Mr. T would have to do it, because I don’t trust my ability to make recognizable animals.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz I saw several tutorials of salt dough ornaments. It’s just salt, flour, and water. All we’d need to buy are some cookie cutters. I even saw one (that I didn’t save) that used stamps like what I bought when I made that family tree. I didn’t use either of those layouts, btw. The one I ended up using totally looks like a stick person. >.< Mr. T saw it before I glued them down, but didn’t tell me. Thankfully my brother and his wife had a baby, so when I add her on there this year that will change the design. Or make it look like dude has a weird growth…I dunno. What was I talking about?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz This is a twist on the salt dough – it’s applesauce and cinnamon! Supposedly it smells amazing, so I definitely want to try this one out, too! Yeah, we’re going to need to pick up some cookie cutters…
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz Sarah (another Sarah, I don’t talk to myself) (well sometimes I talk to myself, but in this specific instance it was, in fact, another Sarah). Anyway – Sarah mentioned making origami ornaments because pretty paper is pretty darn cheap. So I need to go on another Pinterest quest to find some cute (and simple) origami ideas. But I did find a couple paper options. These should be pretty simple, and would allow us to reuse the hole punch from the first pin I posted, depending on what sort of punch we decide to use. For the record, those things are friggin expensive!
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz Another cute paper ornament/chain option. But this would involve me physically cutting out dozens of tiny trees… Even if I stack several sheets of paper, I just don’t see that happening.
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz ISN’T THIS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER? I’m thinking maybe doing this (and some of that glitter fabric) over our front windows. We might actually get some white this year…but history says otherwise. Southern winters tend to be cold and brown. *womp womp* Wait – why are there shoes floating in the middle of this?
DIY Ornaments | The Wilson Buzz The tree Mama N gave us came with colored lights, which makes Mr. T very happy. I’m more of a white lights kind of girl. I want to bring the color in with ornaments, not lights. But this year – The Year of the Frugal – the lights will be colored. And possibly covered with ping-pong balls! Isn’t this a cool idea?? As long as it doesn’t burn our house down, anyway. 8}

So the shopping list would be:

  • string to hang ornaments
  • plastic wine glasses
  • tiny Christmas figurines
  • glitter
  • some sort of circle holepunch
  • paper/cardstock
  • cookie cutters
  • cinnamon
  • applesauce
  • white pom-pom balls
  • thread
  • glittery sheer fabric
  • ping-pong balls
  • popcorn (oh, I want to string popcorn, too!)

I think everything else we’d need we already have. I need to check in with Mr. T on our hot glue supply.

Christmas 2013

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Oh, goodness, where to begin? I’ve already put in a request to have December 22, 23, and 26 off next year, so I don’t have to come in to work the day after Christmas. This is for the birds. I have had a CRAZY two days, and had to be in at 8:00 like it was just another Thursday. Thanks, but no thanks. Let’s do a play by play…

Christmas Eve

9:00am Went to IHOP with Mr. T and a girl from work. She’s gonna need a nickname. Hmm… I’ll call her Sookie, because she’s an actress and was actually an extra in an episode of True Blood. This nickname may not stick. We shall see. Anyway, we went to IHOP. Surprisingly busy. Or maybe not. I don’t usually do things on Christmas/Christmas Eve. The food was delicious, though. Mmm…stuffed French Toast…

11:00am Had to take Khat to the vet. She has a UTI, apparently. If it’s not one thing it’s 500 other things. In case you didn’t know that already, let me warn you now. Nothing’s ever easy.

12:00pm FINALLY get started on painting the bedroom! Exum, Sookie, and…I can’t remember if this guy has a nickname yet or not. I kind of regret this nickname nonsense. I can’t keep anyone straight anymore. Should’ve never done it in the first place. We’ll call him Hero. Not because he’s like Superman, but because the abbreviation of his last name that most people call him is also a common name for sub sandwiches, as is “hero”. Anyway – Exum, Sookie, and Hero came over to help me paint the bedroom. We got at least one coat on 3 walls, and I got about 3 coats on the dresser. I made chalk paint and supposedly it’s supposed to cover anything with only one or two coats…I did not find this to be the case. But the dresser was kind of a darker wood. I had plenty of paint, so no worries. AND it kept me from having to paint the walls! ;) We still have a ways to go – I’ll probably need to buy another gallon of white paint (and a new broom, thanks to Hero) to finish it out, but it’s already looking loads better in there. It’s going to be so fresh and clean!! We also need to paint the trim – the white we bought is whiter than the trim, so now it looks dingy. *pout

3:00pm I had lunch with Exum and Hero. Oscar’s Taco Shop – so delicious.

5:00pm Panic sets in – I haven’t finished shopping for presents, or wrapping the ones I have, or packing for our trip to my hometown, or making mac & cheese for Mr. T’s family Christmas at 6:00.

6:00pm Leave for Mr. T’s grandmother’s house to celebrate with them. We end up being about 10-20 min late, but it doesn’t matter because they started early – way, way early. We verified at least 3 times on Sunday that it was going to start at 6:00. There is NO WAY they were able to eat and open all their presents in 20 minutes. No way! I was kind of pissed about that. I hate the way Mr. T’s family treats him. He gets so down about it – how hard is it to be considerate to your son/nephew?? We haven’t even seen his parents yet. His mom may  be coming down this weekend to eat dinner with us. I doubt we’ll see his dad, unless it’s on accident. Even when they come to M’boro we don’t find out about it until after they’ve already left. I just found out recently he didn’t even bother attending Mr. T’s high school graduation! They came to our wedding, but got there late and left as soon as the ceremony was over. Suffice to say – I’m not impressed with the majority of his family. Also, excuse the rant. It just…bothers me. A lot.

7:45pm Rush into Walmart, feeling super guilty about all the people having to work on Christmas Eve, 15 minutes before they close to get one last gift. There were some people who looked like they were doing all their Christmas shopping, though. And that’s just awful. Shame on you!

8:30pm Mad rush of packing, wrapping, and writing notes for MR to take care of our dogs, and then we’re out the door and on our way to my hometown. Fairly uneventful drive.

9:30pm Do Christmas exchange with Mama N and hang out with them for a bit before they head home. Stay up and chat with family for an hour or two before going to bed.

Christmas Day

6:00am Wake up to the sound of “Fat-Bottomed Girls”. Merry Christmas, world. Mr. T is sick – woo! We take showers and head over to the main house (we, along with my brother, slept in one of my parents’ cabins). Had to wait on my nephew to wake up before opening presents. Also, my brother had to WRAP his. >.< It’s nice to know I’m not the only procrastinator in the family! Although, his wife is pregnant and suffering from severe all-day “morning” sickness, so their life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. My niece was more impatient than I was! Oh, cute story – she told my mom that she and I needed to open presents. I was like “You got that right, gurl!” ;) She must be a mind reader, because I definitely didn’t put her up to that.

The present-opening was fun. Mr. T got a lot of tools, and I got a lot of kitchen stuff. Way to break stereotypes, us. lol! It’s what we asked for, so it wasn’t my family’s fault! Mr. T got a lot of Ghostbusters stuff, as usual. Two TeeFury t-shirts, and a set of prints that I picked out and my family chipped in on. My #1 gift….hmm…I’m not sure. Everything I got was so practical… lol! I like all of it, though! I’m just becoming a boring adult. :( There is a funny story regarding one of my gifts, however…

Remember how I said my brother’s wife is preggers? Keep that in mind. I’m a huge fan of giraffes, so my brother bought me a bottle of dish soap that had a giraffe on it. The only problem is, it’s “baby” dish soap. I’m not sure what the difference is, but they say it’s good for washing bottles. Maybe less harsh chemicals? Or just an excuse to charge more? No clue. The point is – giraffe. Well, Mom just happened to turn around as I pulled it out of the bag – not knowing it was from my brother. I don’t know why she thought we would announce our pregnancy this way, but the look on her face…priceless. lol! There was a distinct lack of JOY that I find mildly upsetting, but still – hilarious. I told her she’s still got a couple more years before she gets any such announcement from us!

12:00pm-ish At some point in the afternoon my sister and her family left to do Christmas with her in-laws. Not sure on time… By this point Mr. T was feeling pretty awful and had passed out on the couch. Mom and I played this new Monopoly card game she had gotten – I won 2/3 hands and we both accused the other of cheating any time they won. Good times. ;) Dad was upstairs trying to copy home videos from VHS to DVD. He’ll probably finish about the time DVDs are obsolete and then we can begin copying them over to the next thing. Blu-ray?

Evening-ish Yeah, time gets fuzzy on Christmas. But at some point my brother went home. Mr. T and I took a nap on the couch. We ate dinner. Then we had to load our car up. I would have liked to stay longer, but Mr. T felt awful and I can’t say no to a sick Mr. T. Plus I missed my dogs. They seemed to miss me, at least at first. But after I fed them and gave them some bones (they got more presents than we did!) they didn’t give me the time of day! We stopped by CVS to pick up some medicine for Mr. T on our way home. So he dozed and drank Theraflu all night while I attempted to bring order to the chaos of our home. I failed, but we were in bed by 10:00! I still wasn’t ready for work this morning. :\

Day After Christmas

8:00am I had to be at work! Boo! I almost immediately emailed my boss asking for the entire week off next year. I asked off Dec 22, 23, and 26. But my grandboss pointed out that I could ask off the 26, 29, 30 and Jan 2 and get way more time off…so I may do that. lol! It’s only one more vacation day and I go from having 9 days off in a row to 12. Hmm… May not be worth it.

Merry Christmas! | The Wilson Buzz

Merry Christmas! – The Wilsons

Sandy Claws

Sandy Claws

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sandy-claws<3 Nightmare Before Christmas

But that’s not what this post is about! Did you believe in Santa? Do you still? SPOILER ALERT! (He ain’t real.) I hope. Also, apparently he’s white. Which, you know, whatever. Point is, I was never told he was real. I wasn’t told “Hey, a lot of your friends are going to believe in this guy, but he isn’t real and their parents are liars!” I actually got gifts from “Santa”. In that they were from “The Fat Guy Upstairs” and “Man in the Red Suit” – stuff like that. But it was all tongue-in-cheek and I knew they were still from my parents. I don’t think I was super clever, my parents just didn’t go out of their way to create this…experience. I don’t think I missed out on anything. And I’ve heard horror stories from friends about when they discovered the truth. So I’ve always assumed I’d follow the same path as my parents. Mr. T has other plans, however. I was initially totally against it, but now I’m thinking it might be kind of fun. I’m just worried about the psychological damage if they find out in the wrong way. I’m also not interested in pretending to be the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or anything else mythical and creepy. (Elf on a Shelf, anyone?)

The coolest way to spill the beans I’ve seen so far was from a blogger who wrote letters to her children every year as Santa. I believe she typed them, so there wouldn’t be any handwriting sleuthing. Now that her daughter is…old enough. I’m not sure how old, though. 9 or 10? Anyway, her letter for her daughter this year came early and was basically “It’s been fun pretending to be Santa, and I wanted to teach you something about Jesus and the joy of the season, blah blah blah – Santa is your mom.” Sorry, I didn’t save it, apparently. MY BAD. She gave it to her daughter early so her daughter could help her be Santa to her little brother this year, and she let her go off and read it alone so she could cry or whatever in privacy when she realized her childhood was over and had been a total lie. But I thought that was neat. Another thought I had was that they should be HOMEMADE gifts. Because Elves don’t work for Mattel – you ain’t getting a Barbie from Santa, kids.

Anyway, those are my thoughts as a non-parent. I’ve got several years before it even becomes an issue. What do you do? What was done to you? What do you plan on doing? I GOTS TA KNOW.


Christmas Crafting

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No, this isn’t a post about Christmas crafts – I’m crafting a Christmas present! Or trying to. I’ve run into a bit of a snag… First off, source image:

Christmas Crafting | The Wilson Buzz


I’m not entirely sure how theirs worked, but it’s supposed to be a family tree. I did it so each generation is a shade of blue. And here is my first question… Layout. I’m pretty sure I know which one I want to go with, but I’ll wait until you can see the pictures and decide for yourself before I say it:

Christmas Crafting | The Wilson Buzz Christmas Crafting | The Wilson Buzz


My first thought was an individual for each piece of paper. So the top four dark ones would be my grandparents. The two in the second row are my parents. The six that are kind of squished there are my siblings, myself, and our spouses. My sister and her husband are the only ones with children, so the bottom three are their three kids.


My second thought was lumping us in with our spouses. So it goes four grandparents, two parents, three siblings/spouses, and three kids.


Alright, so the one I think I like best is B. A just looks awfully crowded. But now that I’m looking at the picture, the geometric shape that makes is kind of cool. So what do you think??

Instead of writing with my own unimpressive handwriting, I decided to use stamps! I went with a little box of letters and silver ink.

Christmas Crafting | The Wilson BuzzNow. For the problem…

Christmas Crafting | The Wilson BuzzYeah…it doesn’t really show up on the two lighter shades of blue. Which was one of my fears! But I was afraid that if I went with a darker ink it wouldn’t show up on the darker blues. Of course, on hers you can’t really see the names at ALL in the original. I think she wrote them in tiny silver letters on the wing corners. I don’t really want to use two different inks… Maybe I could use black with silver on top of it? I’m just not sure…

You’ll also notice I don’t have her fancy butterfly hole punch. Heck if I know where to get that one. Also, hole punches are friggen EXPENSIVE. This bad boy was over $20! The frame was over $30… So this is the only gift my parents are getting. WHICH MAKES IT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

I’m going to buy some black ink for the gallery, anyway, so it won’t hurt to try the black/silver out to see what it looks like… I really want to get this finished so it’s one less thing to worry about before Christmas. Mr. T’s present is already not getting finished. I chose a very elaborate cross-stitch pattern and am not focused enough to finish it in a timely manner. SO SORRY.


So I got black ink and have a couple more pictures. Let me know what you think.

Christmas Crafting | The Wilson Buzz Christmas Crafting | The Wilson Buzz
just black black, then silver