Spring Cleaning 2017 – Days 1 & 2

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Apartment Therapy (there is a reason they have the biggest font in my tags over in the right column…I’m constantly trying to use them for motivation)

Anyway, AT has come out with a “Spring Cleaning” thing where you get a 20min or less project every day – EVERY DAY. I’m already a day behind because I’ve put off opening their email, knowing that I would commit myself to something that I’ll most likely fail at…but today I finally opened it! And the project started yesterday. Oh, well. Day 1 is just wiping down the trash/recycling bins in your kitchen. And since we still haven’t bought a recycling bin, all that junk just kind of piles up everywhere there’s nothing to wipe down! And don’t worry, I’m not going to post pictures of my trash can on here. Not that I think it’s over-sharing, just that I think it’s boring and not worth the effort.

Day 2, however, is cleaning out your fridge and *shakes fist at sky* Curse you, Apartment Therapy!!!! – I hate cleaning out my fridge. I’ll do it, though. Mainly because my parents are coming up on Friday and I need to hide the beer I should probably tidy up somewhat. Again, I don’t really see the need to take pictures. There isn’t much in our fridge, so it won’t be a dramatic change. Although, we probably should keep more food stocked.