January Cure 2016 – Assignment 14

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Bathroom / Medicine Cabinet Clean Out

  1. Take everything out of the cabinet and keep like things together.
  2. Use a good all purpose cleaner to quickly wipe down the interior and shelves.
  3. Dispose of everything that:
    • You haven’t used in 12 months
    • Is past the expiration date
    • Is empty or nearly empty
    • You don’t need any longer
  4. Replace the items you are keeping, taking care to give the items you use most often the most visible and/or easily accessible spots.
  5. Add anything that needs replacing to your shopping list.

I’m fudging this one a bit, too. Sure, I could probably find a few things in our bathroom cabinets that I could toss. But it’s really not in terrible shape. We don’t keep a lot of extra junk around in there, and I cleaned it out in the Cure last year. It looks pretty much exactly like that now. Now, a cabinet that does need some attention would be the one under our sink!! Don’t believe me?

January Cure 2016 - Assignment 14 | The Wilson BuzzI TOLD YOU.

I found some stuff to toss, some stuff, like floor and bathroom cleaner, to move elsewhere (I just bought more of it because I didn’t realize I had any!), and really just reorganizing what was left made a world of difference.
January Cure 2016 - Assignment 14 | The Wilson BuzzSorry for the glare. Snow and all that, don’t you know. We’ve had so much snow. I really should post some pictures!

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink

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I did it. I cleaned the stupid sink. We didn’t have any bleach, so I thought I’d get some at Kroger, but either I couldn’t find it or they don’t sell it. I also got kind of angrily/nicely chastised for leaving my cart unattended. But that’s neither here nor there. So I didn’t really follow the exact directions.


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzHere is how things began. I did at least do all the dishes before I took this picture. So I’ve got that going for me.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe first thing I did was spray everything down with Scrubbing Bubbles. Then I scrubbed those bubbles. I scrubbed them real good.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzCan you see a difference? I could irl, but I’m not sure the pictures really show a difference.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThen I sprinkled a bunch of Bar Keeper’s Friend all over the place and scrubbed that around. I may have used way too much, not really sure. It took ages to get it all washed away. But it was pretty shiny and nice when it was done.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzSee? (Really – I’m asking. Is there any difference? I can’t tell. I mean I could tell when I was doing it, but in these pictures…I’m just not sure. Tell me you can see a difference. TELL ME.)

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe cherry on the freaking top of the cake, though, is this AWESOME new in-sink drying rack I bought. No more drying dishes on the counter, using up valuable counter space!! And no  more two sinks to fill with dirty dishes, allowing us to go FAR too long between running the dishwasher. It’s a new era, baby. NO LOOKING BACK.

AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen

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Clean Your Kitchen and Declutter/Organize as You Go

Remember, this is about investing time now to create a better home for you to enjoy all year – it’s not about perfection, but improvement.

To help you organize your time and your tasks, here is a checklist of chores to tackle:

  • Clean the fridge, inside and out. Get rid of the items that are expired/should be replaced.
  • Clean your cabinets, inside and out. Do a purge of the contents as you go, putting items you no longer use in the outbox.
  • Clean all surfaces with your favorite cleaner.

Oh I needed this. I so needed this. Thank you, Apartment Therapy!!

I still need to clean the oven and clean off the counters, but I made some decent progress! Mr. T is supposed to be doing the dishes tonight – I’ll clean the counters after that’s taken care of. ANT POISON. That was the other thing I was supposed to get at the store. Dangit! Anyway, here are some pictures:

before after
AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz
AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz

Aaaaand here’s all the crap that I threw away that had expired. EVERY bottle of salad dressing. >.< I have eaten a lot of salads! But I usually only make it 1-2 weeks at a time, and then fall off the wagon and when I go back to buy more salad stuff I can’t remember how much dressing I have left, so I buy another bottle. And then I have five bottles of mostly-empty Ranch expired in my fridge.

AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson BuzzSputnik was very interested in the old to-go boxes. He followed me all the way to the front door when I took the bag out, too. lol! God bless him.

And my flowers! We got to buy flowers again this week. I *almost* got cut flowers but I just couldn’t bring myself to “throw money away” like that. So I bought some daffodils!

AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson BuzzI figure I can plant them when it warms up. Right? Is that a thing I can do? I would assume so. I know my parents have daffodils that sprout up every year, and that’s one of the ways they can tell where old homesteads were. So I think I can plant these and they’ll come back next year. Right?

Holy Sheet!

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The kitchen is still clean! I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but it does. I really really really hope we can keep it like this for always. I’ve been working on a cleaning schedule for each room. I think I’m going to implement them as I go through my spring cleaning brouhaha. Here’s a screenshot of the kitchen one. The formatting is a bit weird because of the way Excel displays the print preview. I’m also using different fonts on my work computer that I don’t have installed here on my laptop. Not that I do anything non-work-related at work…

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule | The Wilson BuzzBut that’s not really what this post is about. I don’t really have a focus for this post, actually, I’m just trying to get in the habit again. Lucky you.

I had a dream a few nights ago that it was some holiday time, or something. My whole family was together at my parents’ house. For some reason I was also roommates with this girl from my hometown. I’m not sure where or why, though, because she has a son and was really sad to be away from him. Anyway, I got together with her and another girl from my hometown to hang out. But I woke up wrecked in my parents’ yard. I was like “Well crap, I got drunk and drove home. Thank God I made it all the way here before I wrecked!!” (Side note: I NEVER drink and drive. And you shouldn’t, either.) So then I had to go inside and clean myself up, figure out how to explain this to my family without telling them I’d been drinking. I called those girls when I was inside, to try to figure out what had happened. They told me that not only had I gotten wasted, I’d also taken a TON of pills. I freaked out and immediately gagged myself to throw them up. And I just threw up tons of pills. They hadn’t even begun to dissolve. And you know how after you throw up there’s still some left in your mouth, so you have to spit? Well I spit. Only I spit in real life. All over my pillow, and the sheets.

Unrelated: I bought new sheets today at Target!! I also bought a welcome mat for our front door, some magnets that are suuuuuuper cute, a dress, a drying rack for clothes, a mat to put on the dryer so I can iron things (IRON! THINGS!), and a new controller for our PS3. Trust me, my life is very exciting. And since you were begging me, here is a picture of our bed with the new sheets on it. I actually bought two sets. You don’t get to see the others. Mainly because I’m lazy. DEAL WITH IT.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzFun story. I washed these sheets first, right? And then threw the other sheets in to wash with our old winter fleece sheets. These got dry, and I put them on the bed. As I was straightening out the flat sheet I realized it had a gash in it. And then another one. And another one. “wtf??” I thought maybe our dryer had attacked, but then I found the bag that they came in. It has a huge gash in it. Sooo…something sliced them before I even bought them. Mr. T is going to exchange them tomorrow.

Holy Sheet! | The Wilson BuzzAt least we have our old bed upstairs. I’ll be sleeping there tonight.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First

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Some things mentioned in this post I purchased with coupons I received as a participant in a BzzAgent campaign. I don’t get paid to discuss them, but my post here helps me get more free stuff, so I can do more reviews like this one. Unless they hate this review, which is entirely likely. I tend to ramble and be incoherent. Much like right now. Moving on!

You guys. You. Guys. I got my eyebrows waxed today. The woman (she’s quite lovely – I do so enjoy my hair salon) was all “It’s been awhile since you got this done, isn’t it?” Yes, yes it has. But there is something so satisfying in having bushman eyebrows and then suddenly having beautifully sculpted ones, don’t you think? If I were to always maintain them, wouldn’t it lose its excitement? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. What does this have to do with spring cleaning? Well, I have that same outlook on my house. I like to wait until it appears that all hope is lost and then do a massive scrub down. Usually right before people come over.

I imagine I’m not the only one. And Kroger knows this. They teamed up with BzzAgent for a “spring cleaning” promotion where they sent out some pretty sweet coupons for various cleaning products. You got me, guys – I’ll clean my house, alright? BzzAgent is so awesome they also sent me a coupon for some Glade Wax Melts and I don’t even have to post about that!! But I’m going to, because I bought them when I bought everything else and they’re in the picture I’m about to post. So.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson BuzzI got all sorts of goodies. Carpet cleaner, because freaking Vigo is trying to ruin my life – I won’t go into any details, mmkay; trash bags; Ziplock bags; wax melts; paper towels (not pictured); and laundry scents, which I didn’t actually get a discount for. I just really like them. I make my own detergent, but I missed all the fun scents. Kroger also had this special going on where you get 4x the fuel points on certain “spring cleaning” purchases. So that was pretty awesome. Love me some fuel points.

Anyway, I’m going to do some deep cleaning ’round these parts. Starting today, in my kitchen. And I’m going to be 100% honest with all of you. 100%. Are you ready for my shame?? Here are some “before” pictures.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Now you’ve seen my shame. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “Oh, God – do you really LIVE LIKE THIS?” that I turned on my Scentsy (containing a Glade Wax Melt – don’t tell either company) and sat down to write a blog post instead of starting cleaning. Ah, well – procrastination time has come to an end. Now I must crank up my “happy” playlist and werk it.

*whew! I did it!! It’s so nice in here now. Just…don’t look in the living room, okay? Everything I did:

  1. Put away clean dishes and wash the dirty. I have some homemade dish detergent for the dishwasher, but use Dawn for any hand washing.
  2. Clean off and wipe down the counters. Again, I have a combination of home made and store bought cleaners. I use the Kroger brand sanitizing wipes sometimes, but I also use a home made cleaner that is a vinegar/water mixture.
  3. Clean out the dog crates and wash their blankets. I have home made laundry detergent and use vinegar for fabric softener.
  4. Cleaned off/wiped down the table and little island thing.
  5. Swept the floors.

Anyway, that’s not super interesting, but now my kitchen is cleaaaaaaan and I am happy. So thank you, Kroger and BzzAgent for guilt-tripping me into spring cleaning. Next Saturday I’ll clean the living room!! Fingers crossed we keep the kitchen clean until then.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Kitchen Question

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Alrighty. Eventually (in the next five years) we’re going to redo our kitchen. I have a Pinterest board! I have the same approach with home renovation that I do with tattoos – I think of something and let it simmer for awhile. Eventually I either change my mind or I don’t.

Anywho, something I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks has to do with this weird bar/island/thing that separates our kitchen from the living room. I’m gonna be real with you and post pictures of my house. Mr. T and I have cleaned our house a lot these past few days, so the one messiest part of our downstairs is this area. Which, honestly, is part of the reason I want to change it. PICTURES

Kitchen Question | The Wilson Buzz

Kitchen Question | The Wilson Buzz

Kitchen Question | The Wilson Buzz

So, yeah. The bar bit is too tall to use for anything other than junk storage. Basically, when we clean the rest of the downstairs anything we find that we don’t know what to do with ends up in this area. So what I’ve thought about is lowering it. It will open everything up, and will (hopefully) prevent us from junking it up. But I dunno. Will it look weird?