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Alright, I’m going to begin the process of figuring out what aspects of my life (all of them) I want to improve on, and what steps I need to take to get there. I’m still debating on if I’m going to maintain my lists online, in a document that I print off, or just written out by hand, but I might as well start here.


Things I need to do to get fit. I don’t have a specific weight-loss goal or anything, just a general desire to become more active overall. Some things I can do to make this possible:

  • walk the dogs
  • ride my bike
  • take the stairs
  • morning Pilates/Yoga
  • evening workouts

sleep schedule

I obviously need to go to bed earlier, and also wake up earlier. I attempted a Morning Person class once already this year and it didn’t really stick… But they’ve started it up again, making a few tweaks based on participant reviews, so I’m going to give it another go. I’m not off to a great start considering they’ve already sent out nine lessons, and I’ve only opened the first email, but I plan on taking it nice and slow so I don’t get overwhelmed.


I don’t have a lot of lofty goals here, either. I just want to eat a smidge better overall.

  • cut down on restaurant foods
  • healthy breakfasts
  • healthy lunches
  • home-cooked dinners
  • maybe try Soylent

home improvement

Listen. I’ll be the first to tell you my home needs a little TLC. Cleaning, home renovation, organization, etc. It all needs some work.


  • do a surface sweep every day
  • use my checklists again (or for the first time, really)

home renovation

  • finish. the. g. d. bedroom.
  • get the stairwell painted
  • hang curtains
  • make macrame hanging
  • get flooring quotes
  • start on guest bedroom


  • force Mr. T to do a clothing purge
  • shelves in the half bath


Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m still mulling over the best way to organize this…surely if I create just the perfect checklist it will motivate me into being awesome, right?? *weeps*

30 Before 30: P90X3

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I’m going to start a Monday series on how I’m actively working toward meeting my 30 Before 30 goals. It will motivate me to post regularly AND achieve my goals. Win-win! ;)

#4 on my list is to complete a workout regime. Mr. T and I started P90X once. We managed a week of it before the 1.5 hour commitment became too much. That brings us to… P90X3!! It’s only 30 minute workouts. AND you can choose different “paths” to take while doing it. There is the classic route, the mass route (to bulk up), and the lean route (to get fit without the bulk). We’re going with the lean route.

I’m gonna be honest with you – we’re not going to follow the diet. SORRY. Just working out 30 minutes a day every day for 90 days will be a miracle. So we won’t get the most amazing results ever…whatever. I’m writing this ahead of time, but our goal is to start Monday, October 13. According to Wolfram Alpha we should be finished by January 11. I really don’t want to miss a day. A few things we’re going to need to do this weekend to prepare (I’ll try to come back and add pictures as they get done):

  1. Transfer the cats from the bonus room to the extra-spare bedroom.
  2. Take before pictures – our flab in all its glory.
  3. Bake a cheesecake and consume it guilt-free because we haven’t started exercising yet.

We want to come up with some sort of reward to motivate us to finish as well. Any suggestions? Mr. T first suggested a camping trip or something…but I don’t think I want to camp in the middle of winter. Maybe we could do two mini-rewards for 30 and 60 days that tie in to a larger reward for 90? Oh! Maybe it could be our trip to Costa Rica! But…we’ll do that regardless. Oh! Maybe things we can take with us, or do there?? But that would be severely delayed gratification, since we’d have to wait seven months to use them. Bah, do you have any ideas??


  • Day 30: ~Nov 12
    I can’t do this on the exact day, because I can’t take any more vacation days this year. >.< But! We want to spend an entire day in bed. Eating in bed, reading in bed, watching Netflix in bed, doing adult-related things in bed. Just generally be lazy bums. Hopefully it’s raining that day, too….that would make it a million times more awesome.
  • Day 60: ~Dec 12
  • Day 90: ~Jan 11
    Mark off #19 on my list by having sex every day for a month!


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I’ve missed you so much, little blog. I wish I could write in you every day, but alas I’m a lazy boob and don’t.

We started P90X tonight, Mr. and I. I would say 90% of it was one or both of us saying “No human being can actually do that, right??” and the other 10% was “I’m totally doing it!” while not actually doing it correctly. A for effort? I am curious, though – they’re all “If you can’t do this now, don’t worry…in a week you’ll be a champ!” or whatever they say…but I for real am incapable of even pretending to try on some of this. Like…how does me flopping around on the ground in any way prepare my body to one day do a “dive bomber push up”??

Also, I had no idea how P90X worked. I knew it was intense, and took a lot of time. I also knew they said to have a pull-up bar and lots of weights. But let’s get real – am I really capable of doing pull-ups? Really? And I have a set of 3lbs weights, thankyouverymuch. GOOD ENOUGH. But, upon opening the glorious box I discovered an entire binder of DVDs, two books, and a stack of workbook pages. Possibly more things that I’ve forgotten. I was like…wtf are we supposed to do??

Side note – this book is RIDDLED with typos. Like…at one point they actually used a ‘(‘ instead of an ‘l’!! Who does that?? But whatever. I skimmed through it until I found the “Week 1” workout. Day 1 was something like shoulders and arms (I forget exactly – there are 12 DVDs for crying out loud) followed by abs. So I put in the first DVD….oh hay. We need about 10 things to do this? We weren’t even wearing tennis shoes. Mr. T was in cargo shorts. I was in sweat pants. We were barefoot, in our bedroom, with two dogs watching us. We eventually found our weights and stretchy band that came with a Pilates DVD, just because if we didn’t get those we would have pretty much been doing NOTHING for the first….hour?….of our workout.

That’s right – it was a freaking hour. Of push-ups and pull-ups. I don’t know if you know me, but I’m not one for lots of pushing and pulling up my body. I thought there would be a single hour-long DVD and a small portion of it would involve pushing and/or pulling up. Not that there would be 5,000 DVDs and one of them would be dedicated solely to pushing and pulling up.

Then we got to the ab one. I’m all about some abs. Have you seen this DVD, though? For real. Dude on there isn’t a real person – you know the one I’m talking about. God didn’t intend for humans to have abs like that. Oh, and speaking of the people on the videos – I’m 99.9% sure everyone in the first DVD was on uppers. Especially that chick. There was something about their eyes…it was kind of freaky. Anyway – those abs! It’s not natural!! And the first 2 or 3 or freaking ALL of them use your legs way more than your abs, IMHO. It was rough. Blech.

But we did it! We got through all of it! We definitely didn’t get as much of a workout as the people IN the video, but if you compared our workouts yesterday to our workouts today…Mr. T and I grew by leaps and bounds compared to them. So suck it, robot humans with your spit-in-the-face-of-God abs. We exercised! I’m curious to see if I’m actually sore tomorrow…I can’t emphasis enough how little we actually did during this workout. lol

Pilates, Update #1 – Plus Some Rambles

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I’ve actually gotten up and done Pilates every morning this week!! Trust me, you’re not as surprised as I am. If it makes you feel better, I’ve barely exerted myself. 8P

Like I said before, it’s split up into five ten-minute workouts. Stretching, full-body, arms, core, and legs. Monday I just did the stretching. Tuesday I did arms followed by stretching. Wednesday I just did stretching. Thursday I *attempted* legs. And this morning I just did stretching. There is a direct relation between my bedtime the night before and the amount of working out I did in the morning. I really enjoy the stretching (obviously), but it doesn’t really cause me to exert myself – which is probably why I like it. But the reviews were right…this is definitely a more advanced Pilates than I’m capable of. >.< I did okay on the arms, but the leg workout – Geeze, Louise. I didn’t have the balance or the strength to do a few of those moves. I’m kind of terrified to try the full-body, but I had full intentions of doing the core workout this morning. Before I stayed up until midnight reading…

I was talking to Exum about my Goodreads goal to read 100 books this year, and how I’m picking quantity over quality at this point and downloading every free smutty book (only because those are usually the ones that are free) I can get my hands on to rack up my numbers, and then the last half of the year actually read some good books that take a week or two to finish. He made a joke about how he was surprised that it took me more than four hours to read anything, and I started thinking “Hm, I have read a lot of books so far this year, considering it’s still January.” So I went to Goodreads to investigate, and have read 15 books in 17 days. Go me!

Thanks to Exum my desktop is up and running again. But considering it was the wireless adapter that caused its little melt-down, I’m not too keen on plugging that back in. So my gaming has been put on hold for a bit…I may just take the desktop downstairs and hook it up via Ethernet. I really want to get back into Arkham Asylum. I’ve also been wanting to pick up Minecraft again, even though I always suck at it and lose interest before I make anything interesting. And MC sent me a game that I want to try out. But…there are only so many free hours in my day, and TV/books tend to get priority over gaming. Oh! Little Hippo also gave Mr. T and me a game for the PS3 for Christmas. Lego Marvel Superheroes I started on that, but didn’t get very far, and didn’t post about it. My b.


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I hurt my back over the weekend. I vaguely complained about it. In a rambling, nonsensical kind of way. I think I hurt it while I had a cold that started on NYE and lasted about a week. Mr. T got sick on Christmas and is still in worse shape than I am. I like to think I’m healthier than he is. ;) Anyway, my chiropractor said that this sort of thing can happen if you sleep with your arm above your head. Which I may have done, who can say? I was also sleeping on a stack of pillow to try to keep my airways free so I could breath throughout the night… Anyway, three of my ribs had shifted somehow and he had to pop them back into place. Woo!

I’m not sure if I’m having back problems because I sit so much now, or if I’m having back problems because of the chiropractor. I never had back problems before I went to the chiropractor, but I hadn’t been working for a full year prior to that, and had started having issues just before my first visit. I have cray cray scoliosis and I think sitting for 8 hours solid is bad for it. (Ya think?) I used to take the stairs with some women at work, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I need to get active!

Yesterday Mr. T and I went to Hastings. I wanted to pick up the fourth Paranormal Activity movie, but they were sold out. I did picked up a Pilates DVD, though. For more than it costs on Amazon, actually. But I didn’t have to pay S&H, so that’s a win, I guess? I just read the reviews and they say this isn’t good for beginners. Oops! I did take a Pilates course when I was at MTSU, so mayyyybe I can handle it? If not…I’ll make it work. Thank you, Tim Gunn. ;)

Fun story about the Hastings trip – on the way there we were listening to NPR (I’m an adult – it’s so gross). Sometimes it’s less than interesting, so we started chatting. During a lull in our conversation we hear “…he had always tried to beat her, but she was too quick for him…” After a short delay we – at the exact same time, I kid you not – both went “Ooohhhhh….” because it finally registered that they were covering a story about two siblings who are in the running for the winter Olympics. That’s not important to this story. But we also went to Long John Silver’s.

I’m thinking that by working out I’ll strengthen my back muscles (OH IS THAT HOW EXERCISE WORKS?!?) and will be less likely to hurt my back. The constant shifting from the chiropractor is weakening it. This is all conjecture on my part. I keep meaning to discuss it with the chiropractor but always forget when I’m in his office. I do love him, though. It’s so satisfying to hear that sweet, sweet crack of my spine. Especially when it’s from a legit pain. Like my shoulder yesterday and today. Instant satisfaction.

I know a lot of people distrust chiropractors, but those people have never been to a chiropractor. The office manager at work hurt her back somehow last week. She could barely move on Friday. She is still in pain, because she went to a regular doctor and is taking pain pills for it. She wouldn’t even consider a chiropractor. I’m like…look lady…getting your back cracked is the tits, and everyone should do it. I’ve partaken of the chiro-kool-aide and I’m never going back!!

Anyway, I think Pilates is a good low-impact way to start exercising. It’s something I’m familiar with (barely) and can do from home. Also, this DVD has five 10-minute workouts that you can alternate, so I can use it several times a week without getting bored with it. I hope… Now I just need to track my Pilates mat down!! I’m going to start it this weekend, after Mr. T leaves for his Portland road trip. I’m so not okay with him leaving me for an entire week. So not okay with it!