40 Before 40

  1. Seriously consider/research adoption.
  2. Have Lasik to correct my vision.
  3. Get a boob job. (Excuse me – breast augmentation)
  4. Travel to Europe.
  5. Family trip to Disney World.
  6. Take a road trip out West.
  7. Foster at least 10 dogs. (not all at once, of course)
  8. Build my own computer.
  9. Own a 3D printer.
  10. Learn to play an instrument.
  11. Have at least 5 excessively extravagant spa days with my friends.
  12. Read 500 books.
  13. Complete a full kitchen/dining room renovation.
  14. Buy a new (to me) car.
  15. Go on a ladies’ retreat in an exotic location.
  16. Take “Mommy & Me” overnight trips with my kid(s) at least once a year.
  17. Go on an overnight trip without the kid(s) at least once a year.
  18. Sew cool stuff. (maybe have a specific project every year?)
  19. Build cool stuff. (maybe have a specific project every year?)
  20. Learn to crochet and/or knit.
  21. Get into yogo or pilates or some kind of relaxing exercise routine.
  22. Join a gym and/or have a personal trainer for at least 6 months.
  23. Learn to snowboard.
  24. Start dying my hair fun colors again.
  25. See a play on Broadway.
  26. Learn how to bake delicious things from scratch.
  27. Learn how to cook delicious things from scratch.
  28. Own a Kitchenaid mixer, darnit!
  29. Host a multi-course meal cook (almost) everything.
  30. Eat at a five-star restaurant. Order something exotic.
  31. Go camping on the beach.
  32. Do some sort of mission/relief work.
  33. Make a “Family Yearbook” every year.
  34. Have “professional” family photos taken every year.
  35. Develop family traditions for things like birthdays, Christmas, NYE, etc.
  36. Find my style and upgrade my wardrobe.
  37. Find myself. (not 100% sure what this one means…)
  38. Be open to new experiences – friends, relationships, activities, etc.
  39. Get remarried.
  40. Celebrate “40 Days of 40” leading up to my 40th birthday.