Build Your Own PC

For years now I’ve had it in the back of my mind to build my own PC. I have two degrees in Computer Science and have worked as a web/software developer for nearly a decade. With that amount of tech…nerdary…it is expected that I know about things like hard drives and printers and what have you. My secret shame, though, is…I don’t. And I don’t really care to learn (obvs, or I would have by now). So even though I’ve always wanted to do it, the thought of putting in the work to learn what I needed to know to get the right parts and to be able to assemble it without breaking anything…I just never got around to doing any of that. lolol

Matthew being adorable
Cue Matthew!

He’s built his fair share of PCs over the years, so he could tell me exactly what to order that would be MORE than enough for what I need. Apparently he’s never ordered a case that came with such a nice container for screws, though. He was positively giddy over this.

I am very glad he was there to hold my hand through this whole process. And I’m super excited to have a computer again – and a legit one this time. I feel so accomplished. lolol Plus it’s got a clear side panel and we got LED fans, so there are lights. I’m just so dang cool now.

the whole setup

I was watering my plants as I organized my desk, they aren’t usually piled up on a towel like that. But also my desk is never going to be clean, so this picture is as good as any I might take.



I’m pretty excited to (re?)enter the gaming world. I’ve played PS games off and on over the years, but the only PC gaming I’ve ever really done is waste about 6 years of my life playing The Sims. Which…

steam activity

As you can see from my current Steam activity, I’m really expanding my horizons these days. Speaking of…back to The Sims now, byyyyye!

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