Mug Rack

I’m actually really proud of this project. Considering I was almost entirely moral support, that’s pretty bold of me to say. lol! It took about 2.5 weeks to complete because we actually used STAIN which makes a great finished product, but holy buckets drags the experience out by a LOT.

Too much time has passed and I’m too tired in this moment to go into all of the nitty gritty details of the struggle bus that was this project…just know that, like with all home projects, a million things went wrong, but at the end of the day it worked out alright. Not just “alright”, actually. As Matthew finished we both stepped back and were like “Wow…that turned out a lot better than I was expecting.” lolol

mug rack completed

Between January when we finished this and today we have almost filled it all the way up. We love mugs, okay?? But my kitchen is less clean now, so I don’t plan on taking a more current photo. Doesn’t it look amazing??

kreg jig

This was the excuse Matthew needed to finally buy his own Kreg Jig. He loves it. So you’re welcome! I’m more than happy to come up with more home projects that require more tool purchases if that’s what sparks joy. 😉


He also bought a sander, and let me tell you…watching men use power tools is a delightful experience. I highly recommend it. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

me and Doc

I did provide minimal help, for the record. I participated in the pre-stain treatment of the wood and also held various pieces and parts while he was screwing and sanding and assembling. I’m an excellently mediocre assistant. Tell your friends!

signatures and drawings
more drawings

Like all good home reno projects, we had to sign it! When I asked Wade to sign it, he decided he wanted to draw all our portraits instead. I kind of love it.

base complete

Look at that face! Pleased as punch, I tell you. With good reason! He put a lot of work into this and it turned out FANTASTIC. Did I mention how spot-on my emotional support was? I am the most supportive. Go team.

wonky mug hooks

The struggle with this was real, y’all. I would say 90% of the hooks went in and lined up correctly on the first try. But there were 2-3 of them that just kept ending up perfectly wrong. It was hilarious to watch. But of course, I did nothing but provide optimal emotional support. Such a good girlfriend.

installing bars

It was so amazing to watch this all come together. We really had no blueprint or reference or tutorial that we were following, just vague ideas that we kind of…went with. Part of it came down to what we could find to buy/order that would probably work, and the rest was just a discussion of…maybe that will turn out okay?? So it was really amazing to see it all come together into such a beautiful thing.

finished mug rack

So, yeah. There it is, in all its glory. I love it so much. And we use it constantly – even before quarantine we’d have at least one cup of coffee a day. Now, though? Pshh…

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