“Spring” Cleaning, Part 2

Day 6 – The Windows

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I had someone pressure-wash my house, so I’m gonna say the exterior windows were handled. I did clean the interior glass of the ones in the common areas, and mine and Wade’s rooms. It feels like a pointless task considering how many animal noses and toddler hands are smeared over them, but I guess it should be done at least every once in awhile.

Day 7 – The Walls

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I did have a guy come and paint my stairwell/landing. So that’s a HUGE thing that I’ve been trying to get done for years and finally did. #winning I’m sooo not going to wash all my walls, though. So not going to happen. I did wipe down all most some of the outlets and light switches, though! AND I finally – finally – got the outlet/switch covers back up in Wade’s room. I’m not proud of how long those were missing, considering I have a toddler. HE’S NEVER BEEN LEFT ALONE AND LOOSE IN HIS ROOM, THOUGH, OKAY?!

looking up the stairsstairwell from the living room top of stairwell landing area

Day 8 – Inside & Out

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I just got some new (to me) patio furniture from some friends of mine! They’re clean enough. Not doing anything with them. All my plants are as good as dead. I really should stop buying house plants. It’s just cruel. I did at least wipe down my doors. Plus, like I said, I had someone come out and pressure wash the entire exterior of my house. I’m such an over-achiever.

Day 9 – The Bathroom

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Uggggh… I hate cleaning the bathroom. I guess I could just say I hate cleaning in general. lol! That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone reading this… But the bathrooms definitely needed it. I swept/mopped, cleaned the mirror, wiped down the counter, and scrubbed the toilet in the half bath downstairs and the full bath that Wade, my roommate, and I share upstairs.

Day 10 – Your Wardrobe

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I actually already started a wardrobe-purging process at the start of the year. Every time I hang something up after I’ve worn it, I flip the clothes hanger around backwards. That way I know what I haven’t worn all year and in December I’m going to donate everything that hasn’t been worn. Or at least try to convince myself to donate everything that hasn’t been worn…

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