Werk it, gurl.

I’ve started working out, y’all. I’ve actually done it THREE WHOLE TIMES in the past two weeks!! Considering my goal was to do it four times, that’s pretty impressive. *brushes shoulder off* AND the reason I missed #4 was out of my control.

~*~ SIDE STORY ~*~
I left my keys in the downstairs bathroom at work and through a serious of totally wacky hi-jinks no less than SEVEN of my coworkers came to the brilliant conclusion that the best solution would be for one of them to take the keys all the way home with them, rather than leaving them somewhere in the building. I will never let those fools live that one down. Anyway. That happened on a Monday, so I didn’t have my car on Tuesday. My roommate brought me to campus and I wasn’t going to make her wake up early enough to go to the Rec Center (plus all my stuff was…in my car).

I can only work out two days a week – Monday and Tuesday. Those are the mornings that Wade is with his dad. So I have to come in before work to exercise. BEFORE WORK. I have to leave the house by 6:00 to get a full hour in. On Mondays I’m just going to the cardio room and picking a machine at random then doing my best for however much time I have. lolol But on Tuesdays I’m attending a barre class! Considering I’m stupid out of shape, it was really hard and I’m pretty sore today. That’s a good thing, though, right?? Feel the burn!

My French class is going alright. I’m struggling to find the motivation to do the homework, partially because I just don’t want to do homework, but also because I’m auditing the class and don’t actually have to do the homework. I really have to, though, if any of this is going to stick. Because I’m a bit lost in class. Especially on pronunciation and spelling. I do better if I’m looking at the book and can see the words with at least some kind of context.

I’m also attending a Divorce Care class, and a new small group at church. Both of those involve books and readings and videos to do throughout the week. I did not anticipate having so much homework all of a sudden!! I don’t have enough hours in the day, I tell you. Not if I’m going to do as much being lazy as I want to do.

But really, it’s nice. My life is busy but not overly so. It can get crazy, but I’m having fun. And for the most part it’s not taking away from my time with Wade. Other than the days he’s with his dad, the only time I’m not with him when I’d usually be is during Divorce Care on Thursday nights. He’s definitely my top priority… I don’t want his life to be any more negatively impacted by this divorce than it already has been. Being a parent is hard…and adding this extra layer has made it so much more complicated. I really don’t recommend it. lol!

Anyway, wtf was I even talking about? This was just supposed to be a post about me exercising. I seriously can’t NOT word-vomit when I get around to talking about my life. God bless everyone who has to put up with me.

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