New Tattoo!

I started on a new tattoo this week! I love it so much.

BACKSTORY: When my ex and I first started dating he was a tattoo apprentice. (I honestly don’t know if I’d have tattoos now had we not started dating. I do know I’d have vastly different ones, but whatever. All I know is now I love tattoos and have lots of them.) My very first tattoo was a little baby dragon that everyone thought was a Pokemon. My ex drew it and the artist he was apprenticing under (Ritchie) tattooed it on my ankle. I then got really really drunk with some friends of mine and named it Smirnoff. I’ve now had this little guy for over 9 years.

When it became apparent that we were definitely getting a divorce, I reached out to Ritchie about getting a new tattoo. There were several reasons… I’ve always wanted another tattoo from him because he’s an amazing artist and the tattoo he’d done was definitely not a good display of his abilities. I also liked the symbolism behind him giving me my first tattoo when my relationship was new, and then giving me my first tattoo after my relationship had ended.

I explained all that to him, and told him that I was giving him 100% creative freedom (if he wanted it – idk, some people might not like that?) to design something for me. We scheduled an appointment and then I waited two months in breathless anticipation to see what he’d draw up. lolol

So I went in on Tuesday and he started the tattoo and everyone asks why I got it and I kind of explain it then they all look at me like I’m insane… Is it really that weird to want your artist to draw something amazing? I feel like I’m more of an art collector than anything when it comes to tattoos. I get a tattoo from an artist because I like that artist’s style. If I design the tattoo that takes away from their creative process. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. You just want to see the tattoo!

chameleon tattoo

I love it so much. And I love the way it sits on my leg. It’s really hard to take pictures of it, though. I also tried to make a video…equally difficult. I’ll try more when it’s finished…this is good enough for now. lol

I have been thinking, though. You could totally make up some symbolism for it! Like…the old tattoo is inside the pot, right? And there’s a plant growing out of it. And the pot’s all cracked. So, something something something – beauty out of destruction, new out of old, bigger and better from small and…less good? I don’t know. It’s a work in progress!


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    1. Yeah, I didn’t even think about all the aspects of the chameleon itself. Adapting to change and all that jazz. MY NEW TATTOO IS SO DEEP, YOU GUYS.

  1. I’ve always liked the idea of giving an artist free reign for one of mine. Maybe semi-free reign as in something like I want it Hawaiian themed, do what you will. I love the new one! It looks fabulous.

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