You and me baby….

….ain’t nothing but mammals.

I had the sudden realization that that title might imply I’m pregnant. I’m not. I don’t know why I’m so hyper-aware of baby innuendos. Maybe because everyone in the world is getting knocked up? Baby announcements have gotten so gosh darn clever? I mean, seriously, why does every announcement have to be some elaborate thing?? Which…I totally want to do it, too, so I can’t judge too harshly. OR CAN I?

Anyway, I’m not pregnant – that song was playing on my “happy” playlist when I started this post. Now it’s “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj, so… Timing is everything, amiright? I think I already have a blog post titled “Stupid Hoe” actually. *searches* Huh, maybe not. What on earth am I even talking about right now?? I don’t really have a goal with this post, I just really wanted to write one. I don’t want to ramble about my stupid 30 Before 30 list again, either.

We’re fostering again! This lovely lady is Karizma. She has heartworms, poor girl. She’s starting treatment next Monday, so she’ll be on crate-arrest for a month or so before she’s up for adoption. We’re fostering through Operation Education, the same group that rescued Vigo. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, but we fostered a doberman through them a few weeks ago. His name was Urkel and he was absolutely precious. Karizma is pretty sweet, too, but Urkel was a bit older so way more chill. She’s just a puppy, though – she can’t help it.

Karizma | The Wilson Buzz

I have a cleaning schedule for our house. I’m going to finish our bedroom!! So far things are going abysmally, of course. I had chores broken down into weeks. First a week to get the living room totally put together and cleaned. Then the kitchen. Last week was supposed to be our bathroom (and my closet). This week, our bedroom. And next week would be spent finishing all the projects we’d started in the bedroom. I got the living room up to about 95%, the kitchen to maybe 60%, aaaaand…mostly I’ve been playing The Sims. lol!

Wednesday was Mr. T’s day off, so he got the living room back into the 95% clean range (we suck at keeping our chaos in check) and did a lot in the kitchen. I would say it’s at…85% now? But I worry about his cleaning style. He tends to use the “out of sight, out of mind” method of cleaning. (He put the bag of cat food on the top shelf of our pantry instead of taking it upstairs and refilling the cat food containers…) So finding things after he cleans is always an adventure. But honestly…when it looks clean…I really don’t care. I haven’t touched the bathroom. Not even a little bit. I made Mr. T vacuum his face hair out of the tub (don’t even ask) but that’s about it. My closet smells like piss thanks to the stupid animals thinking it’s their own private bathroom. #rage

I’m done with this post.

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  1. I need to get better about this too, if only because I lose hair like mad and it’s EVERYWHERE. I’ve found my hair stuck in Fiance’s beard before. And with dogs… I really have to vacuum more.

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