Just checking in with a blog post that isn’t me failing at some personal life goal. ;)

Mainly I want to say that I’m really really freaking tired this week. SO TIRED. I blame LBW but it’s probably my own fault. For real, though, I think I’m gonna take a nap after work today. I really need to do the dishes. Maybe after the nap. Actually, I might go sit in my car on my lunch break. It’s supposed to be like 60-something degrees today. Which is nutso. I remember talking to someone around the end of fall/start of winter when we were having a warm day. I said something like “The next time it’s this warm, I’ll probably have a baby!” NOPE. Well, hopefully not. LBW still needs to percolate a few more weeks, please and thank you. I didn’t even wear a coat today. Just a long-sleeve shirt. I wouldn’t even call it a sweater, really. Part of that is because I get hot as balls these days. My hands and feet sweat like it’s going out of style. I for real have to take my shoes off. And I pray no one wants to shake my hand or touch something I recently touched. “Shh, no…give that time to dry off a second…” Oh oh oh, and twice this week a coworker has commented that I’m moving more slowly than normal. One was my boss!! >.> Someone came up looking for me and he said “She just went that way. But if you hurry you can probably catch up with her – she’s not moving so fast anymore.” DUDE’S GOT JOKES. The other was a woman from another department. She walked by me and I think you can just see how tired I am right now, because she kind of did a double-take and was like “Well you’re getting around slower now, aren’t you?!” Haha, yes. I’ve also noticed that I have NO patience anymore. People talk to me and I’m just like stfu and gtfo. It’s not good on a personal or professional level. I’m SURE having a newborn will put me in a better state of mind. I’m sure of it! I have started a little freezer section of food for post-baby. I think we’re slowly getting prepared. And then all of a sudden we’ll have a TON of stuff, thanks to the baby shower tomorrow. TOMORROW. omg it’s tomorrow. I’m also going to get my eyebrows waxed and do early voting for the primaries. Which I have never done before. #feelthebern I need to take a bath, too. I haven’t shaved my legs in ages, and the dress I’m wearing tomorrow stops at the knees. I think I’ll have better luck reaching at least parts of my legs if I’m in the tub rather than the shower. But I might also get stuck in the tub… I should probably wait until after Mr. T gets home from work to embark on that adventure. Or time it just right so he can help me out of the tub… So tonight the plan is: nap, dishes, cook dinner, eat dinner, bath, help from husband to get out of bath, bed. If you haven’t noticed this post has turned into a rambling stream-of-consciousness post. It’s because I’m tired. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that little factoid yet. ;) Someone crashed their car into my chiropractor’s office. A couple people had minor injuries, but one had to be flown out. So that’s kind of scary. It just happened yesterday afternoon and I haven’t seen any updates other than the initial report that it had happened. I really hope everyone’s okay. :( And I really hope they get the office back up and operational again soon, because this pregnant lady needs her back cracked!! We have our first birthing class on Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s going to be one-on-one with the instructor rather than a class with other pregnant couples, so I’m curious to see how that plays out. I was kind of looking forward to getting to meet other pregnant ladies, but after our bizarre L&D tour last month maybe I don’t care to interact with any of them after all. ;) Plus this way it’s a little more personal and might help us participate more. We’ve only got two classes, but each one will run three hours. We’re meeting up with the instructor this Sunday and next Sunday. And then we’ll be pros and totally 100% prepared for labor at any moment!! At some point in March we’re also doing breastfeeding and newborn care classes. I think with the same person? Maybe? Oh, right – that’s supposed to happen on like March 20 which is like 10 days before my due date…so those plans may fall through. Or we may show up to class WITH a newborn to practice on. lol! I also have to pee all the @#*! time…and my feet have started to swell. My vet actually commented on my cankles when I took Chairman in last week!! I do not have cankles, ma’am!! She’s an old friend of my sister’s so I don’t hate her too much. But anyone else try to tell me I have cankles… >.> I’ve also developed some smexy stretch marks, let me tell YOU. They’re all under my bump, so I can’t see them unless I’m looking at a mirror. I can’t really see anything under my bump…if you know what I’m saying. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m saying at this point. But I really have to pee. – Okay, I peed. I really feel like I should wrap this up, but at the same time I never want it to end. I just love you so much… And don’t worry, I haven’t sat here and just word-vomited all this out in one go. It’s been up and active for probably a couple hours at this point. I just pop over any time I think of something important to tell you. But, alas, I think our time has come to an end. I’ll leave you with some photos from our maternity shoot earlier this month:

Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz

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  1. The only things people should be saying to you are telling you how amazing you are or offering post baby help! BTW, you’re amazing and I’m happy to babysit or something when you need me!

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