Yes Please

  • a funny book
  • a book by a female author
  • a nonfiction book
  • a memoir

Can we talk about my love/hate relationship with reading celebrity memoirs? I’ve read Steve Martin’s and Russell Brand’s, and listened to Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s…and they make me so happy and so sad all at the same time. These people are hilarious and have led amazing lives, but I always feel so mediocre and lame… lol! What am I doing with my life?! Ugh. BE MY FRIEND, FAMOUS PERSON. Do I sound too needy? Sorry.

I highly recommend this book, especially the audiobook. She has several guest appearances, and reads the final chapter in front of a live audience. I wasn’t even cool enough to be part of the live audience! Ah, well, my life’s pretty rad without fame and quick wit. I guess I’ll survive. 8P

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