Yard Work! Overview/Master Plan

You guys. You. Guys. WE DID SO MUCH WORK IN THE BACKYARD THIS WEEKEND. God bless friends, amiright? (I’m trying really hard to come up with nicknames for these guys and I’m just failing…let me think on it some more and maybe it will come to me eventually.) I posted a status on Facebook requesting tools and they not only lent us all the tools known to man, they also spent all day helping us! I think I’m going to call them “Pher” And “Fer” since their names end in…..pher and fer. 8P So, yeah – Pher & Fer spent¬†all day¬†with us, doing miserable-type work. And Fer had been throwing up all night due to either mild food poisoning or a spiteful virus.

I really hate trying to post pictures in WordPress. They have this stupid “Add Media” thing, and then they do all this pseudo-HTML bull feces and it’s just gross. I have created a G+ photo album that should be open to the public. So go there if you want to see pictures. 8P

I don’t know if I have anything else to say about it. I’m ready for the yard to be done. D.O.N.E. done. I’m ready for a lot of our house to be done, actually. Especially the half-bath. >.< I’m going to buy a stencil roller today, I think. I’m hoping that works better than the paintbrush method I tried before. BUT I DIGRESS. This post is about the backyard. And you know what?? HAVE A PICTURE:

pile of debris from our backyard

Here is the massive pile of crap we have accumulated in the past couple months. It’s a combination of weeds, trees, and various other plants that we decided needed to die in the name of Progress!

How about a checklist of things we need to get done in the backyard?

  1. clear out gravel and stepping stones (we got enough of it to be satisfied)
  2. line fence with stepping stones (I’d guess we’re about 2/3 of the way there?)
  3. clear out unwanted plants (I’ll say…95% done with this one.)
  4. trim up the plants we have so they don’t look so cray
  5. create terracing/steps to make the incline less sucky and dumb
  6. build a fire pit
  7. cut down mother****ing Bradford Pear tree
  8. plant grass
  9. plant fruit tree(s)
  10. build pergola
  11. start a garden with raised flower beds
  12. build storage shed/“tree” house
  13. add personal touches to make it “ours” or some such milarky

Here is my Pinterest board, if you’re interested.

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