Yard Work! #7: Cutting Up

Cutting down?

I’m bad at being punny, but we cut down the Bradford pear. And by “we” I mean Mr. T and Smithy. Not only did I not help – I was not even at the house. That’s how I like my yard work getting did – while I’m far away from it.

I was actually at a Scentsy party. Yeah, I bought stuff. What? Scentsy is amazing, mmkay? I didn’t mean to, though. I’m weak. WEAK! The smells smelled so good. So I bought a warmer for the gallery. >.< That’s my excuse, anyway. Here’s what I bought:

But that’s not the point of this post. The tree is down!! Here is the full backyard album in G+ if you want to check it out. And here is the stump!

Bye, Bye BradfordMr. T and Smithy took turns cutting the stump up, while Splinter grabbed flying debris to gnaw on. Sorry there are no pictures of the actual process, but like I said, I was busy buying smell good things.

Here is the checklist again:

  1. clear out gravel and stepping stones
  2. line fence with stepping stones (I’d guess we’re about 2/3 of the way there?)
  3. clear out unwanted plants
  4. trim up the plants we have so they don’t look so cray
  5. create terracing/steps to make the incline less sucky and dumb
  6. build a fire pit
  7. cut down mother****ing Bradford Pear tree
  8. plant grass
  9. plant fruit tree(s)
  10. build pergola
  11. start a garden with raised flower beds
  12. build storage shed/“tree” house
  13. add personal touches to make it “ours” or some such milarky

Here is my Pinterest board, if you’re interested.

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