Wilson Family Thanksgiving

So this year Mr. T volunteered our house as the location for the Wilson Family Thanksgiving. It’s been at his grandmother’s house since the dawn of time, but since she moved into an apartment things have gotten a bit…snug. So this year he commandeered the festivities and we all ate here. It was supposedly a potluck, but he guessed correctly that not many people would bring food (his grandmother was the only one) so we spent all day yesterday cooking. WE COOKED SO MUCH FOOD. Apparently his step-mom and brothers had just had food somewhere, so they weren’t hungry. And his step-mom is a vegetarian…oops. His dad had the flu or some such thing, and one uncle’s family didn’t show at all. But we had about eight people here. And of course I forgot to take pictures. Even after I TOLD MYSELF I would remember this year – for my family yearbook!! Oh, well. I guess we’re still pretending like Mr. T’s family doesn’t exist, then. >.< I did snap a few after everyone had left, though:

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzAren’t we adorable?

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzMr. T did the dishes!! <3

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson BuzzThere was some light animal abuse near the end of the night…

As for our menu…

Mr. T’s grandmother brought:

  • sweet potatoes
  • potato casserole
  • cheese cake
  • pecan pie

I did take pictures of some of the things we’d cooked, but not all of them. It got kind of frantic at the end. lol! But the real food bloggers took much better photos than I ever could, so you can click on the links to see true food perfection. 8P Here is a shot of all our leftovers, though!

Wilson Family Thanksgiving | The Wilson Buzz

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