So I kind of got into a bit of a car accident. My bad.

Don’t worry! LBW and I are fine. The other driver is fine. The other driver’s car is fine. My car…my car is NOT fine.


Whoops... | The Wilson Buzz Whoops... | The Wilson Buzz

Poor, poor Heather. RIP, sweet girl. It’s been a good couple years.

To be fair, I’m not 100% she’s “totaled” yet. We’re still waiting on the official report from the shop (it was towed in yesterday). It’s just…look at it. How is that not totaled?? And because we’ve been focusing on other aspects of our lives (baby, floors, diabetic Khat, etc.) we weren’t really saving up for a new car, so it looks like we’re definitely going to have to take out a loan – which sucks. But I figure I might as well “splurge” and get a nicer/newer car than we might get otherwise! I have a coworker that just discovered she’s pregnant with twins, so she has to buy a new car, too. She’s been driving a Prius for a few years and loves it – it just won’t hold three car seats! So, yeah. We might buy a Prius. For now I have a rental car. Toyota Corolla, I think. It’s not so bad.

Update (before I even published!) – Just heard that they did total it out. Surprise, surprise… So on to the next step!

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