What I’m Wearing, 12-29-15

What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson BuzzSince I posted a belly shot last time, might as well do it this time, eh? Someone was giving me grief because I hadn’t posted a bump photo for Week 26. Which, I only take bump photos every other week, on the odd weeks. So I’m not due to take one again until Sunday! I shot this sitting at my desk at work to tide her over until Sunday. ;)

What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-29-15 | The Wilson Buzz

I will never be good at taking selfies. I’m also wearing the same necklace I wore in my last post!

  • The shoes are my Tom’s wedges I got from Zulily.
  • The jeans are maternity pants a friend gave me. Due to my womb parasite I can’t really rotate my body well enough to see the tag on them to give you a brand/size. I know you’re crushed.
  • The shirt is a maternity shirt that was given to me by another friend. And I actually only just now remembered that I took these pictures yesterday so I’m not wearing these clothes today to even tell you the sizes in the first place! I’m wearing the same jeans and shoes, but today I have a knit sweater on (from the same friend that gave me the shirt in the photos).
  • The crazy long vest I bought at Target, on clearance. It was under $10. I can’t remember if I got a small or medium, but it doesn’t really matter because there ain’t no way it’s going to button over my stomach right now. Or any time in the near future.
  • The necklace is from Noonday Jewelry and I wear it a lot.

Why I Wore It

Because it fits! Don’t you remember?! ;) I mean…that’s still pretty much true. They let us wear jeans the last two weeks of the year, and I only have two pair of jeans that fit me. I have to wear the wedges because the jeans are a smidge too long. I bought the vest thing a few months ago but hadn’t worn it yet. I figured now was as good of a time as any, so I found one of my maternity shirts that went with it. Necklace for funsies and there you go – an outfit.

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