What I’m Wearing, 12-10-15

I haven’t ordered a Stitch Fix in ages and doubt I’ll order one any time soon. I heard a rumor that they had pregnancy clothes now, but I can’t afford that nonsense. And I have no clue when I’ll be willing to accept my post-pregnancy weight as finalized enough to start spending that kind of $$ on clothes. I’m up to 155lbs now! It actually took me 23 weeks (well, somewhere between 19 and 23 weeks, I guess, since I only weigh myself at the doctor’s office) to start putting on weight. I was 147lbs at my last doctor’s visit, and it jumped up to 155lbs at the most recent one. I’ll be 27 weeks at the next one…I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like then. It seems like it takes forever for things to get started with this whole “growing a baby” thing and then suddenly stuff starts happening crazy fast. On December 4 I posted a picture on Facebook of my stomach and said “Just laying in bed, saying goodbye to my belly button.”

What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz

And now, a week later, it’s basically a total outie. Sorry, no pictures of that one. I’m mildly horrified.

Where was I going with all this? Oh. Clothes. None of mine fit anymore. I’m sick of all my maxi skirts, for real. I have one pair of black maternity tights, and one pair of black maternity pants. A couple of maternity tops. That’s it. And now nothing else fits me (slight exaggeration, but getting more true by the day). I’m only halfway through! I can’t spend any more money on clothes right now, either. It’s freaking Christmastime!! Thankfully I have an awesome friend bringing me some of her old stuff to try on. I really hope she has some jeans. I miss wearing jeans. I miss it so much.

So, anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today.

What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 12-10-15 | The Wilson Buzz

My hair has gotten so long since the last time I did this. For real. Different color, too. My stylist is the bomb-diggity. When I was still barely pregnant I went to Dollywood with my parents. Both of them, at separate times, without knowing the other had done it (as far as I know) requested that I wear flowy tops while pregnant. They don’t like the current trend of really accentuating the bump. I assured them I would do my best. Well. I’m just glad any of my non-maternity clothes fit. I really do not care if they’re hugging all my new curves. I’m not naked! That’s pretty much my only criteria for getting dressed these days…I’m not naked. Go me. So a rundown of what I’m wearing:

  • The gray sweater was given to me. I can’t remember who/when, but I’ve had it for ages and wear it pretty often. I kind of love it. The brand is “It’s Our Time” and it’s a Medium.
  • The shirt…I don’t recall where I got the shirt. But it fits! Barely. Maybe it was Old Navy? I kind of almost hurt myself trying to see the tag. I think the brand is “Perfect”? I couldn’t see the size. It’s another one I’ve had for ages. I actually have a blue one somewhere that’s the same brand/size. Wonder what happened to it?
  • The pants are new! Bought them at Target when I bought my handful of maternity things. They were on clearance for like $6. They’re stretchy so they should last awhile. One thing I discovered after I wore them the first time…they loooooooove to hug your curves. They were all kinds of up my butt. I tried to avoid walking around the office. And that’s why I’m wearing the gray sweater today!
  • The shoes are Toms. Bought them on Zulily. I really like them. Even with the wedge these pants are still too long for me. lol!
  • Oh, and the necklace is from Noonday. I really like their stuff. A friend/former coworker is selling it to raise money for an adoption, which is pretty cool. That link to Noonday from before actually goes directly to her “Ambassador” site, so if you do buy something from them, you should use that link. ;)

Why I Wore It

So I wouldn’t be naked! Seriously. Only criteria.

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