What I’m Wearing, 10-01-14

What I'm Wearing 10/01/14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing 10/01/14 | The Wilson Buzz

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I for real have no idea what to do with my hands when taking pictures.

  •  I got this bad boy at Target, I think. On clearance. It’s the only maxi-length dress/skirt I have that is actually the right length. Usually they drag the ground. Merona brand, size small.
  • I got the shoes from Zulily. Bamboo, 7.5 (and they fit)
  • For jewelry, same plugs and rings (you can kind of see my rings in these pictures!) but I wore a different necklace! :) No clue where this one came from, though. Probably the same place I got those shoes from Monday.

Why I Wore It

I’ve noticed I almost always wear maxi skirts on Wednesdays. It’s just…it’s a good day to wear really comfy clothes, right? I tried to get a shot that showed off my shoes a little better but they all looked weird so I gave up. They’re these weird gladiator sandals that looked better online than in real life. They just fit weird is all. I wore contacts again today because my brown glasses are lost behind the bed and I thought wearing the red ones would be too much red.

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