What I’m Wearing, 09-30-14

What I'm Wearing 09/30/14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing 09/30/14 | The Wilson Buzz

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Gah, sorry for sucky pictures. I’m too scared of getting caught! I tried to spice things up with these poses – did it work? I look about as awkward as I felt, posing beside the tampon dispenser… How can you hold a phone for a selfie, and be able to press the button to take a picture, without having a god-awful claw hand??

Run down on my clothes:

  • I wore my contacts today!! I really need to wax my eyebrows. I can’t pluck them! I just can’t! It hurts so much worse! I’d rather have half my face ripped off every few weeks than pluck a few hairs every day. I don’t know why!!
  • Got the dress at Ross for $15. Tag says “En Focus” and it’s a size 8. I’m pretty sure I almost lost an eye into the back of my head trying to read that tag just now. I saw stars for a few seconds. I’M DEDICATED.
  • I ordered these heels from Zulily a few months ago, after my dog chewed up my pair of black heels. He’s only chewed up two pair of shoes in his entire life with us – my pair of black heels, and then my pair of replacement black heels. They were pretty cheap, probably under $20. The brand is Janice and they’re size 7 1/2. AND TOO BIG. The heels I had on yesterday are an 8 and they fit. These are 7.5 and are significantly too large.
  • I’ve got all the same jewelry on that you saw yesterday. Well today you can actually see the necklace. Hooray!

Why I Wore It

I bought this dress forever ago but it never made it out of the bag and got lost in our bedroom. I found it this past weekend when I was cleaning. I wasn’t totally a lazy bum!! I actually really like it. I’m glad I cleaned!! I wear these heels all the time because they’re my only black heels. They’re about 5″ so the slope is so severe you can’t really tell they’re too large if I’m standing still – it’s only when I start walking and they pop off the back of my foot that you really notice. They aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, but they aren’t that bad considering the height. Plus I sit approximately all freaking day. This is probably one of those dresses that would look good with a belt, like Cynthia mentioned yesterday. I guess I have a hard time buying accessories because I need clothes more. Like…what good’s a belt going to do me if I don’t have pants? I really need to be better about fleshing out my wardrobe.

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    • Maybe eventually. Stuff like this I feel like I need to wear the dress when I go shopping. lol! My imagination is faulty.

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