What I’m Wearing, 09-29-14

So I just signed up for StitchFix and they want a Pinterest board that shows off your “style”. Well, I have a Pinterest board titled “Clothing & Accessories” but there isn’t much on it, and it’s mostly simple DIYs about turning old t-shirts into tank tops and making swimsuit coverups with towels. >.< So I thought I’d start a new series “What I’m Wearing” and take a couple pictures of my outfits each day. Explain what I like/don’t like and my reasoning behind my choices (usually “Well, it was clean.”).

What I'm Wearing 09/29/14 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing 09/29/14 | The Wilson Buzz

So, yeah. There it is! (Click to embiggen.)

  • I got the glasses from Zenni Optical for…under $60. That’s with a horrible prescription, lens protection, and clip-on sunglasses. They’re a bit too big for me, but they were cheap. I’ve never gotten a pair for under $100 before. I need to order a new pair… If you browse the site and see any that look cool, let me know!!
  • I got my shirt at Walmart, go figure. “George” brand, size small 4/6. I think we were getting oil changes and had time to kill.
  • The skirt is Mossimo, from Target. Size medium.
  • Those shoes are older than dirt. I don’t remember buying them….they’ve just been a part of my life for forever. I may have been born with them on? They’re the only heels I have that aren’t 4-5″, and the only ones with closed toes. They’re scratched to pieces and the inner lining is flaking out. They’re a size 8 and the only sort of brand I see is just a ‘j’ inside a circle. *shrug
  • As far as jewelry goes…
    • I’ve got my bamboo plugs in, because they’re the only ones I can leave in overnight without my ears getting pissed at me. Since I’m usually too lazy to bother changing them, these just stay in all the time.
    • I do have the silver necklace Mr. T bought me for our six-month anniversary ages ago. It keeps sliding under my shirt, though.
    • And I have on my wedding rings. White gold, plain band with our wedding date stamped into it (in binary: 1000 1110 1010) and a solitaire, princess-cut diamond engagement ring.

Sorry I took the pictures in my bathroom at work. Honestly the lighting is probably better, and the mirrors cleaner, than what you’d get if I took them at home. 8P The full-body shot is blurry because I was standing far enough back that I could pretend I wasn’t taking selfies in the bathroom if someone important walked in. ;)

Why I Wore It

There’s nothing I really hate/love about this. It’s a pretty “safe” outfit that looks presentable, but doesn’t really get any compliments. I really do need new shoes, though. And new glasses. The black skirt is great – I can wear pretty much any of my tops with it. But I tend to save it for the tops that don’t work with anything else. The (two pair of) pants I wear are gray and patterned, so this shirt is a bit too busy for them (in my opinion). Plus it’s Fall and can be a bit chilly in the morning, so the half-sleeves are good to keep me warm but not be too hot on my drive home. Eventually I’m going to start on a sleeve tattoo, and shirts like this will be nice to hide it (at least until it gets down below my elbow).

5 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing, 09-29-14

  1. I think that color is especially good on you, but I also think your coloring supports pretty much any color you might want to wear. I have the same problem with heels, so let me know if you find any quality replacements and I’ll do the same!

    I don’t know if it would look good or not, but have you ever tried a belt with something like this? Around your natural waist. I do that sometimes, on longer tops or dresses, so I look like I put a little more effort into it that just pulling something on, which is of course all I really did!

    • Good, because I *really* like teal. Pretty much every time I go clothes shopping (like twice in the past year) I pick up several teal things. It’s a little ridiculous. I HAVE TOO MUCH TEAL.

      I got one really nice pair of heels from Off Broadway. They were on clearance for $30, otherwise I couldn’t (wouldn’t) afford them. The shoes I have on today (I went to take pictures and someone was pooping…I’ll try later) I ordered from Zulily. They’re 7.5 and TOO BIG.

      I always want to try belts, but any time I put one on it looks weird to me. I should probably just do it and get used to it.

      • I do the same thing at restaurants. “Well that was delicious. Guess I’ll be eating it every time I come here from now until eternity.” But hey, at least you know it’s good.

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