What I’m Wearing, 04-01-15

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What I'm Wearing, 04-01-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 04-01-15 | The Wilson Buzz

My hair looks so weird today. I’m sorry.

  • I bought the cover thingy at Vanity. It’s a Small. And I lurve it.
  • The tank top is also from Vanity. It’s a Medium. And really long!!
  • The pants are the same ones from last Monday. Got them from Ross, they’re an 8 Petite.
  • The shoes are a pair of offbrand Toms I bought from Walmart ages ago, after Khat peed on all my flats. The first time I wore them they KILLED my feet, but now they’re pretty comfy and I wear them often. Faded Glory, size 7.
  • Oh, and I got the necklace a few years ago for a wedding.

Why I Wore It

I have this thing with new clothes…if I don’t wear them soon after buying them, I may never wear them. And going back to no compliment = no confidence…no one has complimented this today!! I look like a freak! *runs away and hides* But really, I do like the sweater. I still feel like the pants are weird and short, but whatever. It’s comfy. Also, it should be noted that it’s Wednesday and I’m not wearing a maxi skirt!!

3 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing, 04-01-15

  1. 1. I don’t think the pants look oddly short or anything, so you’re good there.
    2. Love the sweater
    3. Even more love the color of the tank! It looks coral, is it coral? Because that’s my favorite and I’ll steal it!

    • Oh, good (on the pants bit). I have to pull them down when I stand up, because they pull up around my knees, but other than that I guess they’re pretty good. :)

      It IS coral! I also bought a coral skirt that I haven’t worked up the nerve to wear yet…maybe soon. AND I have a coral jacket! I think I took pictures of it in another one of these posts. Apparently coral is “in” this season, so you should stock up!

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