What I’m Wearing, 03-26-15

What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson Buzz

Aww crap. I forgot to check tags on these. That’s what I get for not blogging as soon as I take the pictures! So no sizes/brands today guys. I know you’re SEVERELY disappointed.

  • I got the blazer from A’gaci last weekend. It’s kind of cheaply made, but it was also only about $20, sooo…
  • I think I got the shirt from Target a year or so ago. It’s kind of short on the sides, so I only wear it with high-waisted skirts.
  • I got the skirt from Ross last weekend. It makes my butt look dang good, even though I didn’t get a picture of it.
  • The shoes are those tall heels I got from Zulily ages ago. My legs/butt look so much more rockin’ in tall heels.

Oh, and since it didn’t show up all that well in the picture, here is a close-up of the fun little cut out in my skirt:

What I'm Wearing, 03-26-15 | The Wilson BuzzThe contrast between the black skirt and my pale legs caused my camera to lose its mind. It was either blinding knees or a skirt so dark it lost all the details.

Why I Wore It

I’m kind of the worst at looking like a professional adult at work. Mr. T always says that I dress so nicely no one would believe I was his wife. And I always reply…if you took everyone in my office and lined us up, a stranger could figure out which one belonged to you. lol! But I’m working on it!! I’ll be an adult one day, I swear. And I’m always paranoid when I wear something new to work and don’t get compliments. Like “Oh God…do I look like a fool?!” The jacket also has shoulder pads. SHOULDER PADS. They aren’t crazy, but I’d notice them out of the corner of my eye and assume I looked like either a football player or someone who popped in from the 80s. I had to go in the bathroom to check the mirror.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing, 03-26-15

  1. Yeah, agaci is cheap, but cute. Curse you fast fashion!
    Might I add shoulder pads are the worst. Though I’ve already got the linebacker shoulders, I personally don’t need help in that area.

    • There were *so* many cute tops that were almost transparent. I don’t understand!! Buy thicker fabric! Surely not everyone wants to wear 3 layers every day, or walk around with their boobs exposed. Surely.

  2. Love the look of the blazer, even if the quality isn’t great as you say. It doesn’t make you look like a linebacker, so ignore people who don’t complement you! My office manager has repeatedly told me she loves me in orange – which is crazy! – but never said anything about me in blue or green which are clearly my best colors. People be cray.

    • lol! Orange may be her favorite color? And sometimes people don’t really notice when you just look…normal/professional. I usually get compliments when I’m wearing something kind of loud or unusual. Because then they notice.

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