What I’m Wearing, 03-25-15

What I'm Wearing, 03-25-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-25-15 | The Wilson Buzz
  • I got the skirt from Ross, on my great shopping expedition this past weekend. Label: Double Take, Size: Medium
  • The tank top is one I’ve had for awhile…I think it was on sale at Target. Label: Merona, Size: Small
  • The black over-shirt is another buy from this weekend. I got it at Vanity, and it’s a Medium as well.

Why I Wore It

I’ve noticed that I almost always wear maxi skirts on Wednesdays. They’re fancy sweatpants that you can wear in public, and right around Wednesday is when I just want to be comfortable. I made a conscious effort to buy OUTFITS this go around, instead of just pieces I liked but might not have anything at home that they would go with.

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