What I’m Wearing, 03-23-15

What I'm Wearing, 03-23-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 03-23-15 | The Wilson Buzz

One day I’ll not fail at taking selfies of my outfits. I really should do it at home, but I never have time in the morning and forget by the evening! I went clothes shopping yesterday and am #SuperStoked about all my new clothes, so you may see an uptick in these posts over the next couple weeks. ;)

  • This whole outfit exists because of the cover thingy I saw at Ross. <3 it!! Made in India, brand: Live 4 TRUTH, size: medium.
  • The shirt/necklace came together – also from Ross. “Assembled” in Mexico, brand: Espresso, size: small.
  • The pants are yet again from Ross. Brand: 89th & Madison, size 8 petite (they’re almost too short, but regulars are almost always too long…curse, you, 5’3″ frame!!)
  • The shoes are TOMS, and I got them from Zulily on their last big TOMS sale. Size 7. LOVE them.
  • Oh, and I have two new bracelets from Pura Vida. Do you know what to do about the really long strings? I’m scared that if I cut them shorter I won’t be able to re-knot the ends as well and they’ll come apart. :\

Why I Wore It

Like I said – I went on a shopping binge yesterday. I haven’t really bought clothes in YEARS, so it was cathartic. I refuse to think about how much money I spent. It was all work-wear, too!! I hope none of it turns into regret… These pictures kind of suck (big surprise there) – I’m hoping it all looks more hippie/flowy IRL than these pictures show. I kind of look frumpy and fat in the pictures. Or maybe that’s just me being insecure.

And my hair has faded to a more orange-y red than my first picture. But I still like it. I’m definitely not going in early to get it re-dyed like my stylist said I might want to do. I don’t care if it fades out completely, I can’t drop another $100 any time soon. Supposedly it holds onto the color better the more often you get it done, so the next go around it should last a bit longer. I’m already washing/rinsing in cold water (I like to pretend it’s a refreshing end to my showers) and postponing washes a bit more than I was already doing. If it gets too oily, up in a ponytail it goes! All the more reason to learn new ways to style my hair, I suppose…

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