What I’m Wearing, 01-13-15

What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz What I'm Wearing, 01-13-15 | The Wilson Buzz

I’m no good at posting these regularly, am I? Ah, well. I was really proud of this outfit yesterday, not sure why. “New” clothes, I guess?

  • The top was given to me by a coworker. I’m assuming people give me clothes because they like me and not because they’re desperately trying to get me to dress better. The tag says “Studio West”, and it’s a medium. Also 100% polyester. Woo!
  • The pants are my fantastic Stitch Fix pants I got in my first box that everyone loves and wants, but is too scared of Stitch Fix to risk ordering a box to acquire. They are the most expensive pants I’ve ever owned (most expensive ANY article of clothing, for that matter), ringing in at $98. “Emer High-Waisted Cropped Trouser” in medium.
  • The heels are the same black ones I ordered from Zulily and ranted about back in September.
  • Oh, and those are some of my new glasses from Zenni. I really like them. 8}

Why I Wore It

I really do love those pants. And they better last me for-freaking-ever for what I paid for them. ;) I for real get complimented every time I wear them. They’re super easy, don’t wrinkle, and are the perfect length. Even though they’re supposed to be cropped and yet fit me like full-length pants should. lol! I was on the fence about the top, but my closet is still in chaos mode, so the easiest clothes to access were the ones a coworker had just given me, so I went with it. And when I saw myself in the bathroom at work I was like “aw, yiss – you look GOOD!” I’m not sure if these pictures translate how I at least thought I looked. lol! I always get comments on the shoes, too. Mainly about how tall they are. They’re for real like 5″ heels. I love them.

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