Well, shit…

Sorry, that’s not very nice language.

2016 really has been a cf, though, hasn’t it? I mean, Donald Trump is our President-Elect – wtf, America?!

The icing on the cake is that my company – the company that on Thursday I was telling my coworker I was so relieved to work for, because it was a stable and reliable company that I knew was never, ever going anywhere – that company…was sold. To a company based in FRIGGEN OHIO. They announced it on Friday. (Please note the timing – less than 24 hours after I proclaimed that we were a solid, stable company…we were sold.) For the average employee, this purchase won’t have a huge effect. But for those of us at the corporate office…well, we’re getting information about our severance packages this week. They’ve made sure to inform us that no one is losing their jobs for most likely the next year, but…we’re gonna lose our jobs eventually. I’ve had indigestion ever since. I mean, maybe – maybe – they’ll offer us similar jobs. But will those jobs be based in TN? Um, no. They’ll be in FRIGGEN OHIO. You think Mr. T is gonna move to Ohio?! lololol (Do you think I would move to Ohio?? No. No, I would not.)

So, yeah…there will be some changes in the upcoming year, I do reckon. Some changes, indeed.

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