My family is going camping next week. I’ll head down to Huntsville either Saturday or Sunday and we’ll be there through Wednesday. After I requested that time off I realized I only had two vacation days left. They reset at the end of our “fiscal year” which is November. I think that’s pretty freaking frustrating, because I’m always scared to take time off around Christmas, because I have 11 more months to get through. But we get two days for Thanksgiving, two for Christmas, and two for New Years, so there is plenty of down time at the end of the calendar year, anyway.

So, yeah – those two days. I came up with that elaborate plan to get my house clean and finish our bedroom during the month of September, and took off last Thursday and Friday to give myself a long weekend to finish it all up. Well. Weeeeeeell.

I’m a failure.

But I made it through 4.5 seasons of The Office, so I’m exactly halfway toward marking that off my 30 Before 30 list!

6 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I hope it has become clear that I have that show in it’s entirety memorized. Or at least pretty damn close. I fully support watching and rewatching it, and if you are ever without a TV but I’m around, I can probably recite the next episode for you.

    • I couldn’t decide if you had it memorized, or were Googling my quotes. ;) Either way it shows some serious dedication. :)

      So far I’ve seen all the episodes, which I find remarkable considering I never really sat down and WATCHED the show – like made sure to catch new episodes as soon as they aired. I had no idea I’d seen so much of it. I know I haven’t seen the last 2-3 seasons, though. I stopped watching it at some point before they got rid of Michael, and definitely didn’t see anything after that. I’m pretty excited to see my first “new” episode. lol!

      • Nope, memorized! Ask Matt, that show is almost always on as background noise. I’m excited for you to experience some of that stuff for the first time! A lot of the final season reminds me of the first in that it is painfully awkward

      • That was my plan, too…but I can’t walk away from it! That’s why my to-do list was barely touched during my vacation. >.< I just got through the part where Michael was fired for a couple weeks and started the Michael Scott Paper Company... The new boss hates Jim and all those interactions just hurt me so bad. I'm not sure I can handle much more awkward.

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