I swear the only reason I have people over anymore is to force myself to clean my house. I haven’t even started to pretend to take Christmas decorations down yet. I’ve got a group of people coming over to watch theĀ Paranormal Activity movies tomorrow night, so I’m going to take decorations down tonight and clean tomorrow. Our house hasn’t been clean since before Christmas. Okay, let’s be honest – our house hasn’t be clean since we moved in. But it’s been closer to clean than it is now.

Our bedroom is still in chaos. I do need to make another post about that…the wall painting is almost done and I have some concerns. I won’t get into them here, because that wouldn’t be any fun. I need to try to take some crappy phone pictures and ramble about it in-depth. Have you ever noticed that a lot of words you put before “it” end in ‘t’? I almost always end up typing “tit” – for example: “abou tit” – the first time I type it. Exum does it, too, so I’m not the only one.

Khat is still peeing on random things occasionally. She did have a UTI, but that was treated. Now she’s just being spiteful. Both our dog beds have holes in them. Stupid dogs. ANDĀ something – guessing Khat – peed on them. FR has been letting her cats run loose again, and I swear her stupid cat keeps knocking our cats’ water container over. I need to move it back down to our bathroom.

God, I really need to pee.

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