Two…Three Weeks?

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^^ That’s how long I have to wait before I can spend any $$ on the reading nook. Other than paint samples, maybe…they’re only like $3 each. 8}

If you’ll recall, the chair that I was so excited about:

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzWell it doesn’t fit.

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzStupid tiny closet doors…


I’ve found an alternate:

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzIt’s currently $78 at Walmart. And hopefully stays that way for another two…three weeks?

Oh you’re going to love this…you ready?

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzI assure you that was not worth the effort it took to transfer it from my phone to this website. Yeesh.

That is my janky attempt at showing the floor plan for the reading nook, using the Scribble app on my phone. Do you happen to know the standard width of shelves? We had no clue. TO GOOGLE! #themoreyouknow Get all that? The 32″ square is the chair. Kind of a monster, but I think it will be cozy. Other things I want to include in the reading nook (that I will not be trying to export from Scribble) are:

  • footstool (this will depend on how the chair fits once we get it)
  • table (probably going to have to be a shelf of some kind, due to chair)
  • lamp (maybe not so much of a lamp, seeing as we no long have a table)
  • fan (definitely a must, to keep things cool)
  • magazine rack of some kind to hang on the wall
  • bookmark container (jar, perhaps? or small basket)
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • shelves

I can’t believe I actually put “shelves” on that list. OF COURSE WE NEED SHELVES. Such a boob.

Anyway, I went to Lowe’s today and picked up somewhere around 12 paint chips. I took pictures, but I think I should spread that out into another post? Because I also need to tell you about the lamps I saw, and the brackets for the shelves. Such an exciting post for you today!

Okay, so the brackets.

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz
Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson Buzz

I think I like the bronze ropey ones better. I guess it might depend on which paint color we go with. But I think I want to go with the ropey ones. I found these lights, too!

Two...Three Weeks? | The Wilson BuzzI think they’d look pretty snazzy, right?

This has gone on too long, and it is late, and I am tired. GOOD NIGHT.

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