TMI Baby Update

No babies this month!

I was totally not paying attention to my little period tracker app. It’s never wrong!! It was trying to tell me my period would start today, but I did not bother to open it to check, even though I knew The Day fast approacheth. Thankfully I still had a lonely tampon left at work. After four months of DivaCup, putting a tampon in was kind of lame. But I’m back to the cup today and loving life!

4 thoughts on “TMI Baby Update

    • lol! I’ve always been redonk regular, except when I was on the Depo shot. Before fancy smart phones I could guess within a couple days what mine would be just by marking a calendar and doing the math myself.

      • I just plan for the worst and carry supplies at all times. Usually I get mild cramps for a few hours/up to a day prior so I have a little warning.

      • I’m usually oblivious until after it’s begun, then I’m like “Oh, yeah… That’s why my face has been broken out for four days.”

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