TMI Baby Update

No babies this month!

Fun story (not really). Yesterday was the day my phone told me my period would start, so I went ahead and put my Diva Cup in and had this sense of wonder… “Aren’t our bodies magical things? So consistent I have this app on my phone that knows exactly when my period is going to start so I’m always prepared? La-la-la, fascinating….” And then I got home and took the cup out, only to discover my period hadn’t actually started yet. >.< It started today! And the same weird thing happened (on a lesser scale) that happened the first time I used it, in that it wasn’t quite lined up properly. I still don’t know how to tell the difference, so maybe wear panty liners the first few months you use it? At any rate I had to do some adjusting at work, which was something I really never wanted to have to do. But it wasn’t that bad! Definitely not the most disgusting thing that’s happened to me on my period the past however many years it’s been since my first one.

Not only did my period not start yesterday, but I then had a dream that I was pregnant. So this morning for a brief moment in the shower I had a bit of a panic. Per usual. Thankfully I was inept this morning so now I know for sure it’s started! I would’ve been stressing out all day!! Except not really, because I totally forgot about all this until I started writing the post. lol! Humans – such fascinating creatures we are.

2 thoughts on “TMI Baby Update

    • Mine are almost to the day. I think the most off it’s ever been is two days early – in that I was two days late when it finally started. I really wish it would happen the other way, though, because seeing that I’m “late” is terrifying. lol! #NoBabies

      When I was on the Depo shot it was all jacked up. Alllll jacked up. It took about a year to get back on a consistent cycle.

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