TMI Baby Update

No babies this month!

My period is finally getting regular again. Curse you, Depo Provera!!!

Oh, this post is going to be a bit more TMI than usual, but it’s an amusing tale, if you care to read on.

I still haven’t reacquired the habit of making sure I have enough tampons. So I ended up without at work today. No big deal – I’ll just get one from the vending machine in the bathroom. Except it’s empty. Well poo. So I go down the stairs to the 5th floor. (Our office is on the 6th.) They’re cleaning the bathroom on the 5th floor. Down to the 4th…the 4th is a private office so you can’t access it from the stairwell. Alright…3rd floor! It isn’t until I’m mid-stream that I realize I didn’t actually try to buy a tampon. So I have to finish peeing, then go buy a tampon and go back in. Except the vending machine stole my quarter. >.< So now I don’t have any sort of protection and have to go all the way back to the 6th floor. I took the elevator. Get back up there, thankfully I have a pantie liner in my purse. I’m at the end of it all, so that should work fine, anyway. (Fingers crossed!) Head back to our bathroom and they’re cleaning….the men’s room! Hurry, hurry, hurry! I go back into the bathroom and discover that when I decided to dart out of the stall to buy a tampon I had only buttoned my pants – I hadn’t zipped them. >.<

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