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  • a book that became a movie
  • a funny book
  • a book with bad reviews
  • a book that made you cry
  • a book by an author you’ve never read before

This was another book I was shocked to see with bad review on Goodreads. Some people are just lame and don’t know a good thing when they read it. ;) I laughed, I cried, and even though the ending was ambiguous – I didn’t hate it! One of the reviews that stuck with me was a woman complaining about how much the author discussed all the negative appearances of characters – even minor ones. The story is told in first person, from the perspective of a man closer to 40 than 30, who is dealing with a cheating wife, dysfunctional family, and dead father. He’s got a negative outlook on life, okay? And it’s not like he’s saying all this stuff to these people’s faces. Don’t you get all high-and-mighty and tell me you don’t judge strangers by their appearance. All the characters in this book are flawed. Deeply deeply flawed. But they’re also hilarious, and feel real. This book rocked my socks. I originally checked it out of the library, but I’m definitely going to buy a copy one day.

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