This is going to be random…

One of my greatest goals in life is to be even remotely as funny as my dad is. The greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten (in my opinion) from my sister was when she told me I had Dad’s sense of humor. My uncle, too. They can tell stories, man… My uncle passed away a month or so ago, and that just really, really sucks. He was only in his 60s and perfectly healthy. Cancer – it’s no joke. :\ Anyway – that was super off-topic.

I’m here to complain about my day so far. I just thought of that because the office manager told me I made her laugh. It’s the little things…lol! But on to complaining!!

  1. Ice. So much ice. No snow! Just ice. There was a sheet of ice and all my ice scrapers are in the PT Cruiser!! My car was still mostly frozen after I got to work. >.<Ice | The Wilson Buzz
  2. So after I manage to get all the way down 96 with no issues, there is a three-car accident in Franklin itself. Two-lanes, and only one is blocked. Thanks to rubbernecking, it was still as slow as Christmas (which really isn’t accurate because holy balls Christmas is really close right now). Come out on the other side of that and I’m behind a MINI going – I kid you not – 25 mph. TWENTY-FIVE MPH! And then right down the road a construction crew has the right lane blocked again to unload equipment.
  3. I get in to work to find an email from one of our business units (BU). They’re located in Indi-freaking-ana. Can’t get a video on a CD to play in a DVD player. Their “IT” isn’t able to get the file to run on her computer so they’re asking us to make them a DVD. I mean…wtf are we supposed to do?? Mail it? Freaking do it yourself! I told my boss I could take the corporate jet and fly down there for the day if they really needed me to burn a DVD for them. >.<
  4. The final straw came from the BU whose website I’ve been working on for FOREVER. It’s set to go live NEXT WEEK. Next week! Get an email: “We think it would have more of an impact if we wait until mid-January. We want a big PR bonanza to go along with it and that won’t happen around the holidays.” ……………… I told my boss I was done for the day.
  5. Did I mention the thing I’m currently doing for them is creating OVER TWO-HUNDRED 301 redirects? That is a lot of redirecting, my friends. A lot of redirecting.
  6. I’ve lost focus because it’s lunch time and I’m hungry. I think this is enough complaining for one day, anyway. Farewell, all.

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